Pier Fishing At Night – A Complete & Practical Guide

Pier fishing is a fun way for anglers to fish because it combines the ease of shore fishing and over-water access of boat fishing.

However, you might be wondering if it is possible to go pier fishing at night.

Can you go pier fishing at night? You can go pier fishing at night. Anglers have some of the best experiences and some of their best catches from pier fishing at night sometimes, especially in saltwater areas. You just need to know where to find fish from the pier and bring the right gear.

If you are a beginner angler and want to learn how to fish at piers at night, you have made it to the right place. I’m going to give you the best tips on how to pier fish at night, so keep reading to find out more.

How Do You Pier Fish at Night?

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Pier fishing can be one of the best methods to fish in saltwater areas. It gives anglers the advantage of having some of the best angling areas and being able to reach where some fish might be hiding. There is a lot more to it than angles, and here we will give you the best tips for pier fishing.

You will need to pick the exact right time to fish from a pier and know exactly where to do so. For example, choosing the right night can make a difference as moon phases can affect your fishing. You can learn how moon phases affect fishing here to learn how to choose the right nights.

The bait you choose is also important for the type of fish that live around a pier. There can be some strict rules when it comes to pier fishing, so it is also good to know those. 

Picking the right line, rod, reel, and other gear can play a huge role in pier fishing at night as well. There are so many great opportunities to catch some of the best fish from piers, and we will go more in-depth on all of these tips. 

Pro Tips for Pier Fishing at Night

Pier fishing can get a little tricky, so it is important to go by these tips for the best results, particularly at night.

1. Know Where to Find Fish from a Pier

Most piers have the biggest fish in deeper waters. This depends on what type of pier you are fishing from, however. Knowing this, it is best to look for underwater structures, rock formations, and drop-offs. These are the places where fish often hide and feed.

Sometimes, bigger fish chase their prey, and although they might be hard to spot at night, there is a way to find them. Birds are a great indicator of where fish might be located. It is best to aim your reel where birds are circling because they are natural fish-finders.

2. Bring the Right Gear

It is important to pack light when going pier fishing at night because when you are shuffling around looking for your gear in a box full of them, you might risk losing some of your things due to the lack of light.

It is good to bring an extra rod and an extra reel. Having backup rods and reels in case anything goes wrong can be very useful.

It is also good to bring pliers and line cutters and have your bait somewhere that is within your reach. Extra hooks, sinkers, and bottom rigs are also useful.

You should also bring a jacket with you since the weather can be unpredictable. Nighttime can bring colder weather, and fishing, while you are uncomfortable, can make your experience unsuccessful. You can check my picks for the best cold-weather wear for fishermen here as these are also great for the cold during the night.

3. Prepare your Bait

Luckily, for pier fishing, you don’t have to be too picky or spend too much money on bait.

Anglers said that you could bring bait as cheap as shrimp, bloodworms, sardines, and squid. The bait you use depends on what pier you are fishing from and what type of fish you’re after.

4. Know the Rules

In some places, pier fishing can be illegal, so it is important to know whether the pier you are planning to fish from is illegal or not.

You might also need a fishing license to be able to fish from a pier in particular places. Some piers allow you to fish without a license, however, so it is important to check.

Some piers also require a fishing fee or an entrance fee, or both. Make sure you plan for these potential fees if need be. There are usually working hours for piers as well, and most of them have that information online for anglers to check before they plan a trip.

There might also be rules regarding your gear. Some piers do not allow you to have a certain amount of rods. Most places usually only allow you to have two. It is handy to know how many you are allowed to bring along, however.

What Conditions Are Best for Pier Fishing at Night?

The best conditions for pier fishing at night are when the water temperatures are between 55° and75°F. The best season for pier fishing at night depends on the water temperature, but the general time that anglers recommend is during summer and fall.

Professional anglers will also tell you that high tides are a great time to fish from piers at night. Seabeds become deeper, and this allows more fish to swim to deeper water, and it increases your chances of catching more fish.

Related Questions

When is the Best Time to Fish from a Pier?

The best general time to fish from a pier is either during the early morning or sundown. That is when tides are heavy in movement, which attracts various baitfish. This results in bigger fish swimming closer to feed on them, which is a great opportunity for anglers.

Is Pier Fishing at Night a Good Idea?

Pier fishing at night is a good idea due to higher activity in the water from both the fish and the water pressure. There tend to be more tides during the night, which results in fish needing to feed more actively.

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