Best Powerbait For Walleye- 3 Options That Will Always Work

Mice Tails

The two-section design helps in grabbing the walleye’s attention and entices them to bite at two different points.


The easiest to rig and it can be easily molded onto your hook

Power Eggs

This type of Powerbait is pre-molded to imitate the look of fish eggs. They’re the most natural-looking PowerBait out of all types.

Walleye fish are known to bite on live baits such as leeches, worms, or minnows. However, many anglers prefer to use PowerBait when targeting Walleyes and it has proven to be highly effective even though PowerBait is an artificial bait.

So, what is the best PowerBait for walleye? The best PowerBait for walleye is mice tail PowerBait because it consists of two sections with different colors that create action to grab the walleye’s attention and get them to bite. Walleye’s also like PowerBait dough and eggs because of their distinctive flavors and scents.

Keep reading to learn what makes PowerBait effective and how to rig different types of PowerBait for Walleye Fishing

Is PowerBait Better for Catching Walleye Than Live Bait?

Many anglers prefer using PowerBait over live bait when fishing for walleyes because of the many advantages that PowerBait offers.

Let’s take a look at some of these advantages:

  • Powerbait costs a lot less than live bait and it’s much easier to obtain as it can be found online or at any tackle store. It also lasts longer as one jar can be used over the course of multiple fishing trips
  • Powerbait is more convenient than live bait. You don’t need to worry about keeping the bait alive and fresh to use and it comes in easy-to-store jars. It’s also very easy to clean and it doesn’t stick to your hooks or your hands.
  • Powerbait is very flexible and can easily be molded or rigged onto your hook. It also provides natural action that’s just as effective as that of live bait.
  • PowerBait has a strong distinctive scent and flavor that will disperse into the water which will grab the walleye’s attention and get them to bite. It’s also available in different colors to suit fishing in different water conditions.

Can PowerBait Be Harmful to Walleye?

Powerbait is not harmful to walleye as it’s made from non-toxic ingredients that the fish can easily and safely digest.

It is made from a combination of oil-based resin and PVC which are heated together until they reach the right consistency along with a range of ingredients that enhances scent and flavors which gives the bait its distinctive appeal.

The oil used in the resin helps trap the scent inside of the dough and it’s very similar to what’s normally used to feed fish in hatcheries.

Which Types of PowerBait is Best for Walleye Fishing?

Since Walleyes have a preference for live baits such as leeches, worms, or minnows, they will be more attracted to PowerBaits that effectively imitate the action, shape, scent, and flavor of live baits.

Let’s break down the best Powerbait for Walleye fishing:

PowerBait Mice Tails

This type of PowerBait is designed with two sections which are the egg and the tail. These two sections come in two different colors which will grab the walleye’s attention and entice them to bite at two different points.

The tail section also produces a natural action that will attract walleye while the egg section has excellent floating abilities.

Powerbait Dough

This type of Powerbait is the easiest to rig and it can be easily molded onto your hook.

It also has floating properties and comes in a wide range of colors, scents, and flavors to attract walleye in different water conditions.

Powerbait Eggs

This type of Powerbait is pre-molded to imitate the look of fish eggs. They’re the most natural-looking PowerBait out of all types.

They are not as messy as PowerBait dough and they can be much easier to rig onto your hook. They can also remain longer on the hook compared to dough PowerBait and they can be reused multiple times.

If you are going Trout fishing, these will also work for trout, or you can check out my full guide to the best powerbait for Trout here.

How to Choose the Right Color of PowerBait?

In order to choose the right color of PowerBait to use, you first need to consider the water conditions you’re going to be fishing in. It is very important to choose a color that will stand out against the water so it can be easily detected by fish.

So, if you are fishing in clear water, it’s best to go for darker solid colors such as red or blue. While if you are fishing in muddy or murky water, it’s best to go for brighter vibrant colors such as chartreuse, yellow, pink, or orange.

How to Rig PowerBait for Walleye Fishing?

PowerBaits are very easy to rig on a hook because they are soft and pliable.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to rig each type of PowerBait:

Rigging Mice Tails PowerBait

To rig PowerBait mice tails, you need to thread the hook in through the top of the egg section and out through the bottom of the egg. This method will allow the tail section to move more freely creating more action in the water to attract the fish

You can also thread the hook through the tail section. This method will allow the egg section to sit freely above the hook while leaving more of the hook point exposed enticing the fish to strike.

Rigging Dough PowerBait

To rig PowerBait dough on a hook, you need to take a small amount of the dough from the jar then roll it into a ball shape using the palms of your hands. Push the dough ball halfway through your fishing line right above the hook, then slide the dough ball down slowly onto the hook.

Make sure to cover the whole hook with dough without leaving any seams or cracks otherwise water might saturate the bait which will cause it to fall off the hook more frequently. 

To get rid of the seams and crack, press on the dough ball gently with your fingers until it’s completely smoothed over.

Rigging Egg PowerBait

To rig PowerBait eggs on a hook, you need to place 2-3 of the eggs on the hook so that it is almost completely covered. Make sure to leave the point of the hook somewhat exposed.

Having multiple eggs on the hook will be more effective in catching walleye because this will help in case one of the eggs falls off the hook or gets eaten before you can reel in your catch.

What Kind of Gear Is Best for Walleye Fishing Using PowerBait?

The best fishing gear to use when fishing for Walleye using PowerBait is a 6-7 feet fishing rod with medium power and medium action paired with a size 35 spinning reel. For the fishing line, it’s recommended to use a 6-10-pound monofilament line.

Other kinds of gear to bring when fishing for walleye include a net, pliers for removing the hook, and a basic first aid kit in case of any injuries since walleyes have sharp teeth and may bite.

After successfully catching Walleye, make sure to check out our guide to cooking Walleye here for the best-tasting recipes you can try to make the most out of your catch!

Related Questions

Can PowerBait Expire?

Powerbait can expire and it has a shelf life of approximately three years after it has been opened. However, the average shelf life of any bait depends on factors such as proper storage and the temperature of the room So, make sure to store your Powerbait away from extremely high temperatures to make it last longer.

Can PowerBait Be Harmful to the Environment?

Powerbait is not harmful to the environment because it’s made from 92% biodegradable materials. The company that manufactures PowerBait spent a lot of time and resources to develop the bait while ensuring that none of the materials used would cause any harm to the environment.

Does PowerBait Float?

Powerbait does floats on water because its density is less than that of the water. This can be an advantage if you’re fishing in areas with a weedy bottom where you need the bait to float otherwise it might get snagged. However, if you want your Powerbait to sink, you can rig it with a split shot weight.

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