The Complete Ice Fishing Gear List

The Complete Ice Fishing Gear List

Many people stop going out fishing once the winter comes, however, some other anglers immediately shift to ice fishing mood. The idea of being outside in sub-freezing temperatures is not an ideal choice for many people.

For passionate fishermen, ice fishing is a beautiful enjoyable trip, especially if you are prepared with the suitable clothing to keep you warm throughout the day, a shelter to stay in and the correct gear to bring along, you are good to go for the most fun you can ever have fishing!

For you to be able to enjoy your fishing trip to the max, you need to be prepared well. So, here is the most important gear you will need to have on your ice fishing trip.

1. Ice Fishing Gears

To complete your entire fishing trip without any hassle and without having to go back to shore, then you will need to bring a few things along that will make your trip so much easier.

Rod & Reels & Lines

Fishing rods are essential for any fishing trip, all kinds of rods get the job done, however for an ice fishing trip, you might want to get an ice fishing rod as it is designed to be shorter than other types of rods. This makes it easier for you to drop your line in the hole you’ve dug with the augers.

Fishing lines come in different shapes and weights, depending on the type of fish you plan to catch. For a large fish, you will need a thicker type of line to make sure you do not face any trouble carrying your catch.

For you to pull up the line, you will need to use a reel. Otherwise, you will have to pull up the line with your hands which could result in hurting your hands badly.


Augers are very helpful tools. Augers help you measure the thickness of the ice before you choose to fish there. You want to mark a 4 inches thickness on the auger before you start using it to measure the thickness. 

If you hit the 4 inches then it is a safe spot to fish in, if not, then you might want to move very carefully to a different spot. There are two types of augers; a hand auger and a power auger. Both are very helpful however the power auger is faster than the hand auger.

Ice Scoops

Ice scoops are designed specifically to scoop out the ice from the hole you have dug to fish in. it helps you get a cleaner and a clearer view of the hole and what is under the ice. This could make the entire process easier for you and your fishing companions.


There are many types of bait, some could be more tempting and appealing to fish than others depending on the type of fish. You should always look up the type of fish you might find in the area in which you plan to fish and choose your bait accordingly.

Lures and Jigs

Lures should be the most attractive thing to a fish-eye so it can lure it in easily. The most common and effective type of lure is the type that reflects lights across the lake. It is highly recommended as it catches fish attention more actively than other types of lures.

Jigs are a very enticing thing to the fish as they trick them into thinking they’re seeing a living thing moving around but in reality, you’re the one manipulating the jig’s motion and you have to keep shifting it in movements to attract the attention of a fish.

Lots of jig types can be found out there, one common form of jigs is the one that moves in circles. You might want to look up the type of fish you plan to catch and find the most suitable type of jig for it. 


Using tie-ups makes your entire fishing trip so much easier and allows you a bigger chance to catch large fish. It also allows you to use multiple baits in one area to cover more water.

Tie-ups suspend the bait underwater till a fish bites it, once a fish bites it, a flag pops up on the tip letting you know that your bait caught a fish and that’s when you pull up the line. 


It is a good idea to have a cooler while ice fishing, most people just throw the fish on the ice next to their tents, but you need something to help you transport the fish home if you plan to keep it and not put it back in the water. A cooler will keep the fish fresh till you get home.

2. Ice Fishing Clothes

For a safe ice fishing trip, you need to come prepared to face the ice and the cold weather and for that, here are the most important clothing you should wear during the trip


You want to make sure that your hands are protected from the wind and the cold weather. Waterproof gloves are your best choice, especially the ones that have flip open finger covers as it makes dealing with the lines easier.

You should choose gloves that can go under your jacket sleeve and cover your wrists. That way, you can be sure that the cold won’t get to your hands at all and you can enjoy your trip.


Your feet are as important as your hands, you need to make sure you don’t have cold feet as it could bother you during the whole process.

You want to choose waterproof, insulated boots. Those are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip faster than wet or cold feet.

Clothing Layers

Many types of advanced underwear keep you warm for longer times, efficient and lightweight. You want to ensure your body warmth for as long as possible. 

Even if you fish from a wooden fishing tent, you will want to have proper thick clothing. Your best choice would be waterproof pants and jackets.

Head and Hand Warmers

It is very important to keep your head warm and for that, your best option would be fur hats with ear flops or balaclavas as they hold in more warmth and cover the neck and face completely. 

For your hands, you can use hand warmers, they are very affordable and easily used, you can drop the pack in your gloves or even boots. Those packs keep you warm for hours.

3. Electronics

In such a mesmerizing trip, you will not need to use many electronics, however, some electronics can make things easier for you. Here are the most important tools you will need on your fishing trip.

Ice Flashers and Fish Finders

Ice flashers are a kind of a portable fish finder that helps you find the water depth and how deep is your jig in the water. Most fishermen prefer to use ice flashers than regular fish finders as they can detect ultralight bites.


A handheld GPS can help you know where you are exactly on the lake as well as showing you the depth underwater. Of course, you can use your phone, however, a GPS does not need any cell phone service in case you find yourself in a spot that you are not familiar with.

Underwater Camera

An underwater camera is mainly used by professional anglers. They drop it down the hole in the ice, it shows them what species are in their spot, if there are plenty of fish or if it’s better to move to a different spot. 

Final Thoughts

If you are about to go through your first ice fishing experience, you are about to have an amazing new experience that will definitely change your idea of fun! Make sure you always have all the tools and gear you need to have a smooth enjoyable trip.

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