Can Trout Smell? Facts You Can Exploit Today

Trout fish possess a set of sharp senses that help protect them from predators and they all use them to catch their prey.

Understanding how trout some sense work can help increase your chances of catching them.

So, can trout smell? Trout can smell as they have a highly evolved olfactory system. Their nostrils contain millions of highly sensitive that allow them to detected scents in water. When trout detect a scent, they’re more likely to bite and hold on to the bait longer.

Continue reading to learn more about trout’s sense of smell and which scents you can use to attract them.

How Strong Is Trout’s Sense of Smell?

Trout fish have a sense of smell that is a thousand times better than that of a human. Their olfactory system is also much highly evolved compared to other fish species.

Their nostrils, which are located on either side of their snout right in front of their eyes, are lined with tightly folded tissues that contain millions and millions of sensory receptor cells that allow trout to detect a wide range of scents underwater.

When the water that’s carrying scent molecules flows through the trout’s olfactory system, a message is sent out to the trout’s brain, so that the scent can be classified as either positive or negative.

Trout will have a conditioned reaction based on how the scent is classified. If the scent is positive, trout will be attracted to it which means they will be more likely to bite on baits or lures with that particular scent.

On the other hand, if the scent is negative, trout will be repelled which means they will avoid biting on baits or lures with that particular scent.

That is why it is very important to use the right scents when it comes to your bait and lures to ensure that trout will be attracted to them and to increase your chances of success in catching trout.

Which Scents Do Trout Like?

The scents that trout like the most are mainly scents that are naturally abundant in their environment. This includes the scent of fish slime, fish eggs, and even fish guts or extracts.

Trout also like some strong scents such as garlic, coffee, cheese, liver cod oil, and anise oil.

These scents are so strong that trout can detect them from miles away. They also act as a masking agent for human scents or any other scents that trout fish don’t like.

So, it’s always a good idea to mix different scents that trout like with your bait to increase its efficiency and make it more appealing for trout to bite on.

I have a complete guide to what scents do trout like here that you should check out as it has some pro tips that will impact your results almost instantly.

Which Scents Do Trout Hate?

The most unappealing scents for trout fish are human scent and chemicals. These scents include nicotine, bug spray, sunscreen, perfumes, scented soap, and any petroleum distillates such as gasoline.

Trout will be repelled by any scents they hate and they will stop biting. So, it’s very important to avoid these scents to increase your chances of catching them. You can also try to mask them with more neutral scents or with stronger more appealing scents.

What Kind of Strong Scented Baits Can You Use to Attract Trout?

There are many baits that produce a strong natural smell that will grab the attention of trout and get them to bite.

Let’s take a look at some of these baits:

  • Live Bait Fish – You can use small baitfish such as minnows or shiners as they make a great meal for trout because of their natural scent and flavor. You can find them at tackle shops or catch them yourself.
  • Shrimps – You can use live shrimp for trout because of its strong scent as well its strong action which is effective in grabbing the trout’s attention and getting it to bite. You can also use dead shrimps as long as they’re peeled and cut into smaller pieces to release their scent.
  • Worms – You can use different kinds of worms that can be used as trout bait such as nightcrawlers, waxworms, and butterworms. It’s recommended to use live worms that are about 2 to 4 inches to target trout. You can also use dead worms as long as they’re fresh.
  • Garlic Corn –  You can use garlic corn for trout as it’s more effective than regular corn because trout will pick on the garlic’s scent as it disperses quickly through the water. To turn regular corn bait into garlic corn bait, all you need to do is mix some powdered garlic in a can of corn and leave it to soak overnight.
  • Powerbait –  You can use Powerbait for trout as it’s made up of a dough that contains strong scents and flavors which are highly attractive to trout. It also comes in different colors so you can suit fishing in different water conditions.
  • Pet Food – You can use some types of cat food or dog food to catch trout because they are made of ingredients such as fish, meat, and maize which all produce strong scents that will attract trout.
  • Hot Dogs – You can use hot dogs as they come in a variety of flavors and sizes. It’s recommended to use cheaper hot dogs as they produce a stronger scent and they’re meaty so trout will find it easy to bite on them.
  • Coffee Grounds – You can use coffee grounds to enhance the scent of other bait such as worms, corn, or dough bait. All you need to do is mix your bait with the coffee ground in a plastic container and leave them to soak overnight.

How to Make Scented Dough Bait at Home?

You can easily make scented bait at home using simple ingredients.

First, you’ll need the dough ingredients which are flour, water, and eggs.

You’ll need ingredients with a strong scent such as garlic, fish eggs, fish guts, or worms. You’ll also need an oil that will enhance the scent such as olive oil, anise oil, or cod liver oil.

Lastly, you’ll need ingredients that will enhance the visual appeal of the bait to make it more appealing for the fish such as food coloring or even glitter.

Now, let’s break down how to prepare the scented dough bait:

  • Mix two or more of the scent ingredients together to create a fine paste.
  • Mix half an egg and some water with the scented paste. You can increase the amount of eggs and water depending on the amount of paste and how much dough you’re going to make.
  • Add some food coloring and glitter to the mixture then stir it until all the ingredients are well-combined.
  • Add about a tablespoon of flour to the mixture and keep stirring. Keep adding more flour to the mixture until you reach a dough-like consistency that can be molded on a hook.

You can add more scent ingredients, food coloring, or glitter to the mixture according to your liking. It’s a good idea to experiment with different scents and colors until you create the most effective combination.

Related Questions

Can You Use Salt to Attract Trout?

You can use salt to attract trout. Salt is highly effective when added to baits as trout tend to hang on to the bait longer if it contains salt. Salt can also help in preserving live bait and soften the plastic in lures. You can use salt to attract other fish species such as bass, catfish, and panfish.

Do Trout Like Sugar?

Trout do like sugar as long as it’s natural and unprocessed. Sources of natural sugar include most fruits so they can be effective as trout bait. While table sugar is a kind of refined sugar which is not recommended to use as trout bait.

Can You Use Fish Egg to Catch Trout?

You can use fish eggs to catch trout. They’re one of the most effective natural baits for trout fishing as they have a distinctive color and scent that will attract trout. They also tend to float downstream which makes them an easy meal for trout to bite on. 

Check out this guide to using salmon eggs for trout fishing with everything you will need in one place.

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