Do Carp Like Coffee? Truths and Pro Tips You Can Use Today

Nothing matches having a cup of coffee in the morning, but don’t be too quick to throw out coffee grounds after you finish your coffee, instead, you can try to use it next time you go fishing for carps.

So, Do Carp like Coffee? Yes, coffee-scented worms appear to attract Carp as well as many other fish species. According to fishing experts, anglers are likely to catch Carp when they use those coffee-scented worms as bait.

So, yeah, coffee could be used for more than just helping us focus. Keep reading to learn more about why coffee scent attracts carp and how you can use this to your advantage on your next fishing trip.

Why Does Coffee Scent Attracts Carp? 

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There isn’t actually any scientific proof or a clear reason why worms seem to like coffee grounds or why fish are attracted to coffee-flavored worms. Just as many people enjoy drinking coffee, worms enjoy wiggling in the coffee grounds. The more they wiggle, the stronger the scent gets, and the more fish like the smell of the worms.

Some fishermen speculate that it could be the caffeine in the coffee beans that makes the worms active. It could also simply be that they love the coffee scent, in the same manner as humans who are stimulated by caffeine enjoy the coffee’s scent.

Another reason could be that the coffee scent is strong, so it acts as a masking agent for human scent or other scents that fish don’t like. That’s why some anglers use coffee grounds as a fish attractant.

How To Use Coffee Grounds As A Fish Attractant? 

There are several methods coffee ground can be used as a fish attractant:

The first method is to bring containers loaded with coffee grounds and worms with you when you go fishing. Then, put the worms in the container and allow them to move around in the coffee grounds before taking them out and putting them on the hook.

Another effective way would be placing the worms in a container of soil and coffee grounds the night before you go fishing, in order to give them a stronger coffee scent.

You can try placing coffee grounds in the water so that smaller fish would come up to eat the grounds.

There are also some manufacturers of fishing lures that have created a coffee-flavored tube that contains coffee grounds.

Many anglers agreed that these methods have helped them get better catches. You can also get better catches with the right gear. You can check out my recommended ultralight reels here which I’ve used to get awesome catches over the years. If you’re on a tight budget, though, I highly recommend checking out these awesome reels for less than 100 bucks here.

What Are Other Baits That Can Be Used To Catch Carp?

There are other baits that can be used to catch carp which may seem uncommon or strange. These baits can make a good alternative when common carp baits are not allowed in certain waters. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of these baits:

Fresh Fruit

Fish love fruity flavors. Anglers have managed to successfully catch carp of fruits such as strawberry, mango, grape


Sweets are proven to make great hook baits. Many anglers used to catch carp on a vast amount of sweet hook baits such as jelly babies, marshmallows, and bubble gum balls.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat can catch many species of fish including carp, catfish, and even barbell. The best meats for hook baits are liver, steak, and mince.

Cupboard Foods

As strange as it sounds you can really catch carp on household cupboard foods such as canned meats and fruit. Hook baits such as meatballs in tomato sauce have been greatly responsible for a lot of fish captures.

A good method to catch carp is by using potatoes hook baits by creating small pellet-shaped hook baits then soaking them in coffee to give them a darker color similar to a common carp pellet.

Pet Foods

To some, this may also seem strange but using pet foods can get the fish to feed. Cat food has been used as hook bait for years by anglers to catch and keep nets full of carp.

Dog cereals like Vitalin can also be highly effective, mainly because they contain ingredients such as fish, meat and bone meal, wheat, and maize. Vitalin can make a great ground bait or just use it as loose feed, all you need to do is just add water to it.

What Are Fish Repelling Scents And Fish Attractant Scents?

First, we need to ask how well can fish really smell? Fish have a strong sense of smell, much stronger than humans. A fish’s nose is made up of two openings on the head (nostrils). Their sense of smell is very important to them as it helps them find food and even sense out danger.

There are many scents that fish absolutely love as well as many scents that fish can’t stand.

Some of the smells that fish love and act as fish attractants:

  • Salt
  • Fish slime
  • Fish guts
  • Fish extracts
  • Other Possible attractants are
    • milk products like cheese
    • coffee
    • garlic

The scents that fish don’t like are considered repellents, which include:

  • human skin oils
  • Nicotine B
  • Bug sprays
  • Sun screens
  • Scented and perfumed soaps
  • Any petroleum distillates like gasoline

Next time you go fishing, remember that the key to catching a lot of fish is avoiding the smells that repel them or try masking those smells with more neutral smells. The odds are more favorable if you can present with bait or lure that smells good to them.

How Can You Make Homemade Fish Attractants?

The process is very simple and can be implemented in many different ways. Most fish attractants require oil-based products like olive oil, anise oil, or any other type of fish oil product.

You will also need something to soak up the mixture such as dry dog food or hot dog pieces

You can then experiment with different scents from the list we’ve mentioned before.

Related Questions 

Is Coffee Toxic for Fish?

Coffee can be toxic to fish if it was poured into water. The major concern would be how the Caffeine would impact the PH of the water which could cause harm to the fish. However, the coffee ground is completely safe and deemed highly effective when used as a scent attractant to catch fish.

What Other Fish Can You Attract with Coffee Scent? 

Other fish that you can attract with coffee scent are bass and trout. Many Anglers who use coffee-scented worms as bait or coffee-flavored lures agree that they have had better luck in catching more bass and trout fish.

Does Salt Attract Fish?

Salt does have a powerful impact on fishing. This is because salt makes plastic in lures softer and fish tend to hang on to the bait longer if it contains salt. Salt also helps in preserving the bait. Many anglers stated that trout, bass, catfish, and panfish respond positively to the taste of salt.

Do Fish Like Sugar? 

Fish like sugar when it’s natural and unprocessed. This kind of sugar can be found in fruits, which is highly recommended as bait. However, table sugar is considered refined sugar. Adding table sugar to your bait may not harm it but it will not be as effective as the natural option.

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