Do Trout Eat Eggs in Winter? What Do Trout Eat in Winter

As the temperature gets colder in the winter, the majority of the prey fish that trout feed on will become less active or disappear. In the meantime, Trout will continue to feed on other kinds of natural bait that float past them until the spring when their prey becomes active again.

One of the most effective natural baits that trout feed on is fish eggs. They provide a quick and simple meal for trout to enjoy at any time of year.

So, do trout eat eggs in winter? Trout do eat eggs in the winter. The distinctive appearance, texture, and scent of fish eggs are very attractive to trout at any time of the year, but especially in the winter. As trout become too lethargic to chase baitfish in the cold weather, fish eggs will provide them with an easy meal.

Keep reading to learn more about what trout eat in the winter and how to use egg bait to catch trout.

What Do Trout Eat in The Winter?

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During the winter, trout will mostly feed on natural baits that float past them such as immature nymphs, aquatic insects, larva, and fish eggs.

That is because Trout aren’t as active in the winter as they are during the rest of the year. As the temperature drops, their metabolism slows down and they become less likely to exert any effort to chase prey fish to feed on.

What to Use for Trout Fishing in the Winter?

You’ll generally need heavy gear to catch trout during winter. Although they tend to be more lethargic when the temperature, they can still be large in size and might put up some fight. It’s important to be prepared with the right gear or you’ll risk losing your catch.

It’s recommended to use a 6-7-foot fishing rod with medium-heavy and heavy action. As for the reel, it’s recommended to use a spinning reel with a 6.1:1 gear ratio.

You can check the best spinning reels for trout here, and the best trout fishing rods here.

When it comes to fishing lines, it’s recommended to use a monofilament line with a 6 to 10-pound test as your mainline. You can also use a heavier braided line with a 4 to 6-pound line test. Here you can find the best fishing lines for trout.

It’s also recommended to attach a fluorocarbon leader with 4 to 6-pound to avoid having the trout bite through your mainline.

5 Pro Tips for Trout Fishing in The Winter

Here are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of catching more trout during winter:

  • Try to fish in warmer areas of the water as trout will usually remain stationary in these areas during the winter and wait for their food to swim by them.
  • Avoid wasting your time fishing in areas of water that don’t hold any trout fish by implementing the 15-minute rule. So, if you don’t get any bites within the first 15 minutes, try to move to a different spot until you successfully locate the trout fish.
  • Dress in proper winter clothing to increase your comfort and enhance your performance since you’ll be spending long periods of time fishing in cold weather.
  • Make sure to wear multiple layers of insulating clothes and a water-resistant outer layer. Also, make sure to avoid wearing cotton materials as they tend to absorb more moisture.
  • Try to be more patient as trout tend to become more lethargic during winter and less likely to chase any baits. So, try to give your bait some time underneath the water surface for the trout to locate it.

Can You Use Egg Bait to Catch Trout?

You can use fish eggs as bait to catch trout. They’re one of the most effective natural baits at any time of the year for several reasons.

Fish eggs have a distinctive color and smell which attract trout and they tend to float downstream which makes them a very easy meal for trout.  

They’re also very good for trout health-wise as they have all kinds of nutrients trout need to live on. They’re rich in protein and Omega-3 fats, and they contain other nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin B12,

I have a complete guide on using Salmon eggs for fishing Trout here because I’ve been very successful with it, and I highly recommend checking the guide and trying it out for yourself.

How to Rig Egg Bait to Catch Trout in the Winter?

Rigging fish eggs to catch trout is very easy. You just need to keep in mind that these eggs float, so you need to make your presentation as natural as possible to get the trout to bite.

You’re going to need a single egg hook, a bobber, and a small split shot.

Here are the steps you need to follow to rig your egg bait:

  • Tie your hook to the fishing line using a clinch knot.
  • Attach the egg directly to the hook and make sure to slide it down to completely cover the tip of the hook.
  • Attach the split-shot weight to the fishing line at about 12-to-18 inches from the hook.
  • Attach the bobber to the fishing line and adjust the length from the hook according to the depth at which you’re going to fish

How to Store Fish Eggs to Use as Bait?

Fish eggs can last for about a month if they’re stored in the refrigerator. They can also be frozen to last a year or so.

In order to make your egg bait last longer, you need to cure the eggs within 24 hours of catching them then you need to store them properly.

Here are the steps you need to follow to properly cure and store fish eggs:

  • Rinse the eggs with fresh water to remove any remaining traces of blood
  • Sprinkle the eggs with an egg cure to drain all the fluid from them.
  • Let the eggs rest in the cure for half an hour in a clean plastic container.
  • After all the fluids are extracted from the eggs, drain them using a paint strainer while gently stirring with a plastic spoon.
  • Pour the drained cured eggs on some paper towels to drain any fluids left.
  • Let the eggs air dry for about 10 minutes then spoon them into plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator.

Related Questions

Do Trout Bite in Cold Temperature?

Trout do bite in cold temperatures. When the temperature drops during late fall and winter, trout will move to deeper areas of the water and they will become less active. However, they will still bite on easy natural baits that float by them.

What Fish Eat Salmon Eggs?

There is a wide variety of fish species that will eat salmon eggs such as steelhead, bass, catfish, suckerfish, bluegill, and occasionally even salmon fish. Salmon eggs are highly attractive to fish because of their color and strong scent.

Can Humans Eat Fish Eggs?

Humans can eat fish eggs. They’re delicious and very healthy as they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamins. Fish eggs are commonly known as caviar or roe and they’re usually served as a luxury food in high-end restaurants in many countries.

What Hook Size Is Best for Egg Bait?

The best hook size for egg bait is size 12. That is because the size is small enough to fit a single egg naturally and it will still hold up well against a large-sized trout fish. You need to choose the right hook size when fishing for trout to avoid the risk of losing your catch.

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