Does Powerbait Work? [Honest Reviews From Pros]

Although PowerBait is not a natural bait like live worms or minnows, it’s still one of the most commonly used baits among many anglers and you can find it lining the shelves of almost every bait shop in the US.

So, does PowerBait work? Powerbait does work. It’s one of the most effective fish baits because of its floating abilities as well as its strong flavor and scent that are highly attractive to many fish species. It’s easy to use as it can be molded onto your hook. It also comes in various colors to suit fishing in different water conditions.

Keep reading to learn more about how PowerBait is made, what makes it effective as bait, and how to use it to catch more fish.

What Is PowerBait?

3 different powerbaits to show why does powerbait work

Powerbait is basically a kind of dough mixture that’s designed to be used as fish bait.

It’s available in multiple colors, scents, and flavors to suit fishing in different water conditions and targeting different fish species. It can also be molded into different shapes such as pellets or worms.

The bait is made from a combination of an oil-based resin and PVC which are heated together until they reach the right consistency to make the bait dough-like, then a range of scents and flavors are added to give the bait its distinctive appeal.

The oil in the resin helps trap the scent inside of the dough. Once you start to mold the bait to your hook, the scents will be dispersed into the water which will help attract more fish to bite.

Although PowerBait can maintain its dough-like consistency for a long time, if you forget to secure the lid on the container, the bait might dry out and become unusable as it will too fly to mold onto your hook.

How to Fix Dry PowerBait?

If your PowerBait dried up, you might still be able to revive it and make it usable again. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Empty the dried PowerBait into a clean plastic Ziploc bag.
  • Add some scent attractants and oil then massage them firmly into the Powerbait dough.
  • After a few minutes of mixing the dough with the oil, it will begin to soften becoming more malleable and less flaky.
  • Keep adding more oil and massaging the dough until the bait returns to its normal dough-like consistency.

Why Does PowerBait work?

Let’s break down the main reasons why PowerBait is one of the most effective fish bait:

  • It doesn’t sink

One of the top advantages of Powerbait is that it floats. This can be very helpful if you’re fishing in areas with a weedy bottom where the bait might get snagged.

You can easily rig the Powerbait to ensure it floats just above the weeds, which is where you can usually find the majority of the large fish species.

  • It has a strong scent and flavor

Another major advantage of PowerBait as it has a strong scent and flavor that disperse into the water which effectively attracts different fish species and triggers them to bite. Scents are very useful for certain fish, such as trout.

You can learn how to use scented bait for trout fishing here with great success.

  • It’s easy to use and clean:

PowerBait is easy to use as the dough is very pliable and can be manipulated or molded onto your hook.

The dough comes in an easy-to-store jar and it doesn’t stick to anything which makes it very easy to clean compared to other kinds of live baits which can very messy to deal with.

  • It can last you a long time

One jar of PowerBait can be used over the course of multiple fishing trips. As long as the jar is properly stored away from extremely high temperatures, it will not expire quickly.

  • It’s cheap and easy to obtain

Powerbait is one of the cheapest baits you can buy and it’s certainly good value for money as one jar can last you multiple fishing trips. However, keep in mind that the price can vary depending on the size of the jar and your location.

It’s also easy to obtain as it can be found in almost any fishing tackle stores or you can purchase it online on Amazon.

What Fish Can You Catch Using PowerBait?

While PowerBait is most commonly used to target stocked trout, it can also be used to catch several other fish species such as smallmouth bass, channel catfish, bullheads, panfish, crappies, bluegills, and yellow perch.

Is PowerBait Toxic for the Fish?

Powerbait is not toxic to the fish when it’s used as bait as it’s made from non-toxic ingredients that can be easily digested by the fish and wouldn’t cause them any harm. Also, the oil put in for the scent is very similar to what they use to feed fish in hatcheries.

However, keep in mind that even though PowerBait is digestible and nontoxic as bait, there is still no nutritional benefit for the fish in it.

This means that fish will not be able to survive on a diet that’s limited only PowerBait only. If PowerBait was all they eat, it can make them sick and they might eventually die.

Is PowerBait Toxic to Humans?

Powerbait is not toxic to humans, but if you plan on cooking a fish that was caught using PowerBait as bait, make sure to clean the fish well (as you normally would) to ensure there are no traces of PowerBait left in its system. It’s also highly unadvised for humans to eat the PowerBait, as its flavor might be too unpleasant.

Is PowerBait Toxic to the Environment?

Powerbait is not toxic to the environment as it’s made from 92% biodegradable materials and ingredients. The company that manufactures PowerBait has spent a lot of time and resources to ensure that its products wouldn’t cause any harm to the environment.

What Are the Main Types of PowerBait?

As mentioned before, PowerBait can easily be molded into different shapes with different colors, flavors, and scents.

So, let’s take a look at the main types of PowerBait that are commonly used by anglers:

Powerbait Dough

This is the most popular Powerbait option since it’s the easiest to rig and it can be molded to your liking. It also has floating properties and comes in multiple colors and flavors.

Powerbait Nuggets

These pre-molded PowerBait nuggets have gained a lot of popularity because they are not as messy as PowerBait dough.

They are much easier rig on your hook compared to the dough. They can also be reused for multiple fish whereas the dough might fall off of the hook.

Powerbait Eggs

Powerbait Eggs are the most natural-looking Powerbait out of all the types as they’re pre-molded to imitate fish eggs.

They’re easily rigged on the hook and they can be used to fish on the surface or off the bottom

PowerBait Mice Tails

This type of PowerBait is designed with two sections which are the egg and the tail. These sections come in two different colors to get the fish to bite at two different points.

The tail section also produces a good amount of action in the water to attract the fish and get them to bite while the egg section has the same floating abilities as the dough PowerBait.

PowerBait Floating Worms

These worms work similarly to the mice tails. They are designed to mimic real live worms and they produce action that attracts fish and gets them to bite.

They can also be used to fish on the surface or off the bottom depending on how you rig them.

What Color of PowerBait is Best?

When selecting which color of PowerBait to use, you need to consider the water conditions you’re going to be fishing in.

It is important to select a color that can easily be seen by fish. So, if you are fishing in clear water, it’s recommended to go with dark solid colors such as reds or blues. In muddy or murky water, it’s recommended to go with chartreuse or yellow.

To learn more about the importance of choosing the right color not only for bait but also for your fishing line, check out my guide to how trout see color here.

How to Rig PowerBait?

All types of PowerBaits are very easy to rig on a hook, even for beginners, as they are soft and pliable.

Let’s break down how to rig each type of PowerBait in more detail:

Rigging PowerBait Dough

To rig PowerBait dough on a hook, you need to take a small amount of the dough from the jar then roll it into a ball shape using the palms of your hands. Push the dough ball halfway through your mainline above the hook then slide it down onto the hook.

Make sure to cover the whole hook with dough without any seams or cracks as this might allow water to saturate the bait which can make the bait fall off the hook more frequently.  Press the ball gently with your fingers to ensure any seams or cracks are smoothed over completely.

Rigging PowerBait Nuggets and Eggs

To rig to PowerBait nuggets or eggs on the hook, you need to place 2-3 of them on the hook so that it is almost completely covered. Make sure to leave the point of the hook barely exposed.

Having multiple nuggets or eggs on the hook will be more effective helps in case one of them falls off the hook or gets eaten before you can reel in your catch.

Rigging PowerBait Mice Tails

To rig PowerBait mice tails, you need to thread the hook in through the top of the egg section and out through the bottom of the egg. This method will allow the tail section to move more freely creating more action in the water to attract the fish

You can also thread the hook through the tail section. This method will allow the egg section to sit freely above the hook while leaving more of the hook point exposed enticing the fish to strike.

Rigging PowerBait Floating Worms

To rig PowerBait floating worms, you need to thread the worm onto the hook point from the back.

 Make sure that the hook point exits halfway down the body of the worm. This way, the other half of the worm will be hanging freely from the hook end which will create more action in the water to attract the fish and give them more time to take the bait into their mouth.

What Size of Hook is Best for PowerBait?

If you’re using bait-holder hooks or single point hooks, it’s recommended to go for sizes 8 to 12, while if you’re using treble hooks work, it’s recommended to go for size 10 to 14 sizes.

Keep in mind that choosing the right hook type and size also depends on the size of the fish you’re targeting.

If you are going trout fishing, I have a dedicated guide to choosing the right hook for trout here that is definitely worth your time.

How to Make PowerBait at Home?

Even though Powerbait is cheap and available online or in several tackle shops, some anglers might prefer to make it at home. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and it will be just as cheap to make.

You’ll need ingredients with a strong scent such as cod liver oil, fish eggs, tinned fish, fish guts, worms, or bugs to attract the fish. 

You’ll also need ingredients that will enhance the visual appeal of the bait to the fish such as food coloring or even glitter to add some flash.

Lastly, you’ll need to make a dough that will act as a binding agent to get all the ingredients together to the right consistency for the bait to be effective. The ingredients for the dough are simple flour, water, and eggs.


  • Mash two or more of the scent ingredients together to create a fine paste.
  • Mix half an egg and some water with the scented paste. You can increase the amount of egg and water depending on the amount of scent paste and how much dough you’re planning to make.
  • Add some food coloring and glitter to the mixture then stir until they’re all combined well.
  • Add about a tablespoon of flour to the mixture and keep mixing. Continue adding more flour to the mixture until you get a dough-like consistency that can be molded on a hook.

You can add more scent attractants, food coloring, or glitter to the mixture according to your preference. It’s highly recommended to with a range of scents, colors and until you create the most effective PowerBait.

Related Questions

Is PowerBait Better for Stocked Trout Than Wild Trout?

PowerBait is better for stoked trout than wild trout. That is because stocked trout are used to consuming man-made food as they’re raised in hatcheries on diets that consist mainly of corn, grain, and pellets which are very similar in scent and flavor to PowerBait.

What Is the Shelf Life of PowerBait?

Powerbait has a shelf life of approximately three years after it has been opened. However, keep in mind that the average shelf life of your bait depends on several factors such as proper storage and the temperature of the room. Make sure to store your Powerbait away from extremely high temperatures to make it last longer.

Why Does PowerBait Float on Water?

Powerbait floats on water because its density is less than that of the water. In other words, the amount of water the PowerBait displaces weighs more than the Powerbait itself. Keep in mind that the weight of the line you’re using might cause the PowerBait to sink, so it’s best to use lighter lines such as monofilament lines.

Do Fish Like Corn Flavored PowerBait?

Fish do like corn-flavored PowerBait. It is very effective because of its strong scent and bright yellow color which helps attract more fish. It’s also soft and can easily be molded to your hook. However, corn-flavored PowerBait is usually more expensive than natural corn.

You can learn more about how to use corn for fishing effectively here.

What Is the Best Gear Set-Up When Using PowerBait?

It’s usually best to go for lighter gear when using PowerBait. It’s recommended to use ultra-light fishing rods and baitcasting reels to enhance your casting accuracy. It’s also recommended to use a monofilament fishing line with a line test of 4-6 pounds.

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