Do Carp Eat Guppies? Don’t Listen to The Rumors

There are various kinds of baits that anglers can use to target carps because they are omnivorous and they will eat almost anything if they’re hungry.

Guppies, on the other hand, are tropical fish species that tend to breed with a great frequency which makes them very easy to obtain in large quantities.

Due to the carp’s diverse diet, many anglers often wonder if guppies can be used as bait when fish bait to target carp fish.

So, do carp eat guppies? Carp do not eat guppies. Although the majority of carp species are omnivores, they rarely feed on other fish as they prefer eating aquatic plants, crustaceans, and insects. However, there are some domestic carp species such as koi carp that might feed on guppies if they’re introduced into their environment.

Keep reading to learn more about guppies and what fish eat them as well as the differences between the common carp and koi carp.

What Are Guppies?

guppy fish swimming to answer do carp eat guppies

Guppies are scientifically known as Poecilia reticulate and they are one of the most popular tropical fish species.

These species are favored by aquarists and are often kept in community tanks because of their beautiful bright colors, peaceful nature, and ease of breeding.

What Fish Species Can You Keep with Guppies?

Guppies are not an aggressive species and they won’t trouble other fish in the aquarium.

That’s why they can be kept comfortably in a community tank with many other peaceful fish species such as mollies, cardinal tetras, glassfish, plecos, rasboras, and cory catfish.

Can You Use Guppies as Carp Bait?

Guppies cannot be used as carp bait. The main reason for this is that carp rarely bite on live baitfish as they tend to prefer aquatic plants and insects.

Another reason why guppies do not make good live bait for any kind of fish is that they die quickly if they’re introduced to a nonnative environment so they won’t be very effective in attracting fish and getting them to bite.

It’s also illegal to use nonnative fish species as live bait in many places in the US because of the consequences it can have on the fish’s population and environment.

What Do Carp Eat?

All members of the carp family are omnivores and they have a very diverse palate.

They will eat anything from aquatic plants such as algae and river weed to smaller insects such as mayfly larvae, caddis fly larvae. They will also occasionally eat fish eggs, snails, worms, and small crustaceans such as shrimps.

You can even use coffee to catch carp, and I have a complete guide to catching Carp with coffee here that you should check out.

Do Carp Feed on Smaller Fish?

The common carp species do not actively hunt for or feed on smaller fish. That is because they aren’t predatory fish by nature and they can’t move very fast to chase and catch fish.

However, it might occasionally happen that carp feed on small baitfish if they’re able to catch it.

What’s the Difference between The Common Carp and Koi Carp?

common carp (your left) vs Koi carp (the colorful on your right)

Koi carp are the domesticated descendants of the common carp. They’re calm by nature and they’re easily tamed.

They’re kept in aquariums and tanks as they get along well with each other and other fish species as well, as long as their dietary needs and water quality requirements are met.

The main difference between common carp and koi carp is their physical appearance.

Koi carps come in a spectrum of colors such as red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and white while common carps are usually dark brown or golden brown. Another difference is that koi carps have smaller fins than common carps.

Due to these physical differences, koi carp species wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild as they would be weak simmers and easy prey, unlike the hardy common carp species.

Do Koi Carp Guppies?

Koi carp might feed on guppies if they’re introduced into their environment whether it’s a pond or a tank. Guppies are quite small fish, they’re 2.5 inches long as adults, which makes them very easy prey for hungry koi fish.

What Other Fish Do Koi Carp Eat?

Koi carp, unlike common carp fish, often prefer eating some smaller fish species and fish fry if they’re introduced to their enclosed pond environment. They might even eat their own eggs.

That’s why you need to be very careful when introducing smaller fish into your koi pond.

Some of the fish species that can be eaten by koi carp and should not be introduced into their pond include guppies, minnows, smaller goldfish, mollies, and danios.

If you want to introduce other species into your koi pond, it’s recommended to get only males or only females of bigger fish species. That is because bigger fish species will not be eaten by the koi carp and since they are only male or female, they won’t produce any offspring that might fall victim to the hungry koi carp either.

What Do You Need to Fish for The Common Carp?

To increase your chance of catching carps, you need to be prepared with the right kind of gear and baits.

It’s recommended to use a 4 to 6-foot fishing rod with medium to medium-heavy power and fast action. You can check the best fishing rods here.

For the fishing reel, it’s recommended to use a spinning reel and for the line, you can use a braided line with a 10-pound line test or a monofilament line with a 20-pound line test. I have a guide on the best budget spinning reels here that you should check out.

When it comes to the baits, the best kind of bait to use when fishing for Carp is boilies which is a paste made out of different ingredients including bird food, protein, flour, and eggs. It can be purchased from fishing stores but some anglers prefer to prepare it home.

The are other kinds of natural baits that you can use to catch carp such as fruits like strawberry, mango, grape. That is because of carps like the flavor of natural unprocessed sugar. I also have another guide on catching carp with hot dogs here.

You can also use pet foods and powerbait because they have strong scents and flavors that carps find attractive.

Related Questions

Do Carp Have Teeth?

Carps do have a set of fairly strong teeth located at the back of their throats. These teeth are called pharyngeal teeth and carps mainly use them to chew and grind their food. Carps do not really need sharp teeth as they mostly feed on plants and insects.

What Do Guppies Feed On?

Guppies feed on a wide range of fish foods such as baby brine shrimp, daphnia as well as various types of worm such as shredded earth worms and blood worms. Sometimes they’ll feed on egg yolks as they’re very rich in proteins.

How Long Do Guppies Live?

Guppies can live up to four or five years if they’re looked after properly. However, it’s a lot more common for them to live for only one or two years. In order to maximize the guppies’ life span, you need to look after them by maintaining excellent water quality and make sure they’re fed a nutritious and varied diet.

What Fish Will Eat Guppies?

There are certain fish species eat guppies such as angelfish, cichlids, oscars, crayfish, red-tiger sharks, barbs. Despite the guppies’ peaceful nature, these carnivorous fish species can pose a potential threat to guppies if they’re introduced in their environment.

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