Will Bass Eat Hot Dogs? A Guide to Fishing Bass With Hot Dogs

Bass fish are not very selective when it comes to what they eat. That’s why many anglers use different kinds of baits other than live bait when fishing for bass such as bread, cheese, and sometimes even hot dogs.

While they may be unconventional, hot dogs are certainly effective in getting several game fish species to bite.

So, will bass eat hot dogs? Bass will eat hot dogs if they’re hungry enough. Although they might not always be as effective as live bait, hot dogs can produce a strong natural scent and flavor which makes them very attractive bass. Hot dogs are also very easy for anglers to acquire and rig.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes hot dogs effective as bait and how to use them to catch more bass.

What Makes Hot Dogs Effective as Bait?

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Hot dogs are highly effective as fish bait for many reasons.

They’re relatively cheap to acquire and they’re easy to rig even for beginners. They will also fit properly into the fish’s mouth without much hassle.

They come in a variety of flavors and sizes so you might find yourself wondering which type of hot dog would work best.

Most of the time cheaper hot dogs seem to catch more fish, however, it’s best to experiment with different types, flavors, and sizes to find the one that works best for your fishing conditions.

What Fish Will Eat Hot Dogs?

There are many fish species that will eat hot dogs such as catfish, carp, northern pike, trout, bass, and sometimes bluegill.

Whether a fish will eat hot dogs or not mainly boils down to if the fish are hungry enough to bite on any bait available. That’s why you can use hot dogs as bait when targeting these species when there are no other baits available.

How to Use Hot Dogs for Bass Fishing?

In order to use hot dogs for bass fishing, you need to learn how to properly rig them on a hook to avoid the risk of losing your bait.

There are different ways to rig hot dogs, and the process is easy as it is with any other type of bait.

You can simply allow the hot dog bait to sink deep into the bottom to target bass in cooler areas of the water or you can use a bobber to get it to float.

Here are the steps you need to follow to properly hook hot dog bait:

  • You can start by cutting your hot dogs in half. They need to be small enough to fit on the hook and into the fish’s mouth.
  • Run a needle through the middle of the cut hot dog piece length-wise.
  • Attach the end of your hook to the baited needle and pass it through the hot dog.
  • Push the hook all the way up into the hot dog up to the bend of the hook.
  • You can attach a bobber at about 1 foot from the baited hook if you’re targeting bass on the surface. 
  • You can also attach a split shot weight at about 18 inches to sink the bait if you’re targeting bass at the bottom.

What Gear Is Best for Bass Fishing?

You can find links to all my recommended Bass Gear that will give you better results at the end of the article, but here is a quick overview of what kind of gear you need to fish for Bass.

You generally need heavy tackle when fishing for bass because they are large in size and can put up quite a fight. It’s a good idea to be equipped with a strong fishing rod, reel, line to be able to handle the aggressive nature of bass.

It’s recommended to use a 6’7” to 7’8” fishing rod with medium-heavy power and fast action. It’s recommended to use bait casting reel along with an 8-pound test braided line or a 12-20-pound test fluorocarbon line.

For the hook, it’s best to use large hooks. That is because hooks that are too small might bend or break in the bass’ mouth if they put up a tough fight. You can go use a hook size that’s between 4 to 6/0.

Where to Fish for Bass?

You can fish for bass in lakes or rivers and they can live in deep or shallow water.  The best areas to fish for them would be near the edges of cover or shelter in calm patches of water. This includes logs, rocks, stumps, brush, and weed beds.

Keep in mind that largemouth bass have a preference for warmer water and slower currents, so they are found toward the south. While smallmouth bass have a preference for cooler water and faster currents, so they are found more towards the north.

You can learn how to fish for Bass from shores here, and I have a guide for catching Bass in Cold Muddy waters here as well.

When to Fish for Bass?

The best time of the year to fish for bass is the period right after their spawning season which is during late May or early June. That is because they tend to become the most active during this time and they will be looking to hunt and replenish their energy.

As for the best time of the day to fish for bass, it can be during dusk or at night because bass fish tend to move to shallow areas of the water during these times and it will be much easier to catch them.

You can check out my full guide for bass fishing at night here.

Related Questions

Can You Use Flavored Hot Dogs to Catch Bass?

You can use flavored to catch bass as the strong flavor and scent will grab the bass fish’s attention and get them to bite. You can easily add flavor to plain hot dogs by mixing them with powdered garlic or wine then leave them to marinate overnight.

What Is the Best Season to Use Hot Dogs as Bait?

The best season to use hot dogs as bait would be summer. That is because during this time of the year fish will be more active and hungrier so they’re likely to bite on all kinds of bait including hot dogs. 

What Are the Best Lures for Bass?

The best lures for bass are the ones designed to imitate the natural baits they usually eat. It’s recommended to use lures with moving parts that can imitate the movement of real baitfish to get the bass attention. It’s also recommended to use lures that produce noises and vibrations as they can trigger a response in bass to get them to bite

What Do Bass Species Eat?

Different bass species have different diets. Largemouth bass fish are not picky and they will eat anything such as shads, bluegills, crawdads, lizards, snakes, and sometimes small turtles. On the other hand, smallmouth bass fish are pickier, so they usually only eat small shiners, minnows, crawfish, sunfish, perch, and worms. 

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