Can Pike Bite Through Fluorocarbon? How Strong Is Pike, Actually

Fishing for pike is not an easy task. They’re hard fighters with sharp teeth that can cut through mono and braid lines easily. Fortunately, anglers realized that the best way to overcome this is by using Fluorocarbon lines.

So, can pike bite through fluorocarbon? Pike fish will find it difficult to bite through fluorocarbon lines. Fluorocarbon is more abrasion-resistant than other types of lines, so it can withstand the Pike’s sharp teeth. It’s recommended by most professionals to use fluorocarbon lines of at least 15-30lb as a leader when targeting Pike.

Continue reading for more information about Pike fish and what kind of setup you need to land them. If you’re gearing up for your next fishing adventure, check out my picks for the best fluorocarbon lines here.

What You Should Know about Pike

Pike swimming to answer can pike bite through Fluorocarbon

Pike (Latin Esox Lucius) is one of the largest predator fish. It’s also often known as water wolves, gators, freshwater sharks, dragons, or toothies.

Pike fish have a long sturdy body and strong jaws full of very sharp teeth. They also have serrated gill plates.

They’re very famous for their aggressive nature. They are fast and can put up a fight. Pike can mostly be found in water streams, freshwater and brackish water.

The most important factor to keep in mind when fishing for pike is that their behavior is dependent on the weather.

The temperature of the water surface affects their activity because as the temperature increases, the pike’s activity increases.

The temperature also affects how deep they go. Pike doesn’t usually stay at the same depth in all seasons. When it gets cooler, pike swims from shallow waters to the deep.

The Best Setup for Fishing Pike

If you’re targeting pike fish, it’s a good idea to consider their aggressive nature. It can be a huge disappointment if you use the wrong equipment. So, it’s always good to be prepared and know your setup.

Here’s a breakdown of the essentials you’ll need:

You need a powerful rod for pike fishing.To match your powerful rod, you need a big reel that can hold up heavy lines.You need a mainline that won’t break easily and can hold the weight of the pike.
The recommended length for a pike fishing rod is 8-9 ft long with fast action and medium or medium-heavy power. A Spinning Reel is a good choice for beginners because it’s easier to cast without backlashing and has a relatively lower priceWith braided lines, it’s recommended to use a 30lb breaking strain.
It should have enough length for riverbank fishing, offer better leverage when casting lures/bait and allow for longer casts with less effort.A Baitcaster Reel offers more control over casting accuracy and has a fixed spool that works best with braided lines.It’s also lighter in weight.With mono lines, it’s recommended to use 12lb – 15lb breaking strain.
It should also be light and easy to carry aroundYou also need to use a steel or a fluorocarbon leader with your mainline since Pike’s sharp teeth can bite through braid and mono lines. 

You can check the best budget baitcasting reels here, and the best budget spinning reels here as well. In my experience, these choices (I’m recommending in there) are the best options for the money you can get in the market right now.

Why Do You Need To Use a Leader for Pike Fishing?

When you’re fishing for pike, the biggest problem you’ll face will be at the end of your line. Pike have incredibly sharp teeth and are known to bite through braid and mono lines. Using a leader with your mainline will lower the risk of having your line damaged and losing your catch.

What Is the Best Leader Material for Pike?

There are two kinds of material for leaders that anglers recommend using when fishing for pike which are steel and fluorocarbon,

Let’s explore each kind in more detail:

Steel Leader

Steel leaders are the best option to go for if you’re looking for extra strength. They can be made from Titanium or Stainless Steel.

Attaching a small length (6-12 inches) of wire between your lure and line. will help keep the pike’s teeth from being in direct contact with your line.

Wire leaders can be easily purchased, they come in a 5 or 6-pack and also include a snap swivel on the end for quickly attaching your lure or hook.

Some of the best wire leader for pike fishing is made by American Fishing Wire. Their Surfstrand Micro Supreme is a perfect size and has a small diameter. It’s also very flexible so it won’t interfere with the action of your lure.

Fluorocarbon Leader

Fluorocarbon leaders are considered a better option because they’re more abrasion-resistant compared to other types of lines, so they will be able to handle the pike’s sharp teeth.

They’re also good if you’re fishing in clear water where a steel leader might be more visible to fish because fluorocarbon lines are nearly invisible underwater so they won’t scare the fish away.

It’s recommended to use a fluorocarbon leader of 15-30lb test if not heavier when you’re fishing for big fish like pike.

The top pick for fluorocarbon leader for pike is the Seaguar Blue Label because it’s very durable and highly invisible. It’s smooth which makes it easy to work with.

How to Make an Effective Leader for Pike?

When you’re rigging up your lures or bait, attach about 3-4ft. of fluorocarbon line to your mainline as a leader, then attach the wire leader to the fluorocarbon.

How to Safely Handle Pike After Landing It?

Now that you’ve landed your pike, it’s important to keep in mind that pike can bite your fingers just as easily as they can bite your lines.

Be careful when you put your hands near pike’s mouth or be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves. Also, always make sure to have a well-stocked first-aid kit on board in case of any injuries

Never attempt to remove the hook with just your hands. You need to be using the correct unhooking tools.

Here are the steps to correctly unhook pike:

  • Flip the fish on its back then slip your hand under its gill plate.
  • Open its jaws carefully using a jaw spreader.
  • Clamp a pair of long pliers on the bottom hook’s shank and twist to remove it
  • After removing the bottom hook, repeat the same steps to remove the top treble from the pike’s mouth.

Related Questions

How to Attach Lure to A Wire Leader?

You can attach a lure to a wire leader by tying a snap swivel to the end of the wire leader then attaching the lure to the swivel. This makes switching lures a lot faster and simpler. It can also save up the wire.

What Lures Are Best for Pike Fishing?        

The best lures to use in colder water are big plastic lures and crankbaits because they can easily sink. The best lures to use in shallow water are weedless or topwater lures. Using spinnerbaits is recommended in muddy water because they can create a vibration that will attract the Pike.

What Kind of Bait Is Best To Catch Pike?

The best kind of bait to catch pike is real fish bait (live or dead). Another kind is artificial baits. Both of them are equally good, however artificial bait is good for getting greater numbers of pike, while real fish is good for producing larger pike.

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