Can Pike Bite Through Braid? Myths and Best Setups for Fishing Pike

When you’re targeting Pikes, the line you choose has a huge impact on your success in landing them so, it makes a lot of sense to use a strong braided main line However, there’s still the risk of having the pike’s sharp teeth biting through even the strongest of lines.

So, can pike bite through braid? Yes, Pike fish can bite through braid. However, it’s still recommended to use braid as the mainline when fishing for pike because of its strength and casting accuracy, while attaching it to a fluorocarbon or wire leader to make it difficult for pike to bite through.

Keep reading to learn more about the kind of setup you need with a braided line to increase your chances of landing more pike. You can also find my favorite picks for the best braided lines here that give you the absolute best value for your money.

Can You Use Braided Lines for Pike Fishing? 

pike fish to answer can pike bite through braid

Braided lines are the most suitable choice when it comes to pike fishing.

Because of the pike’s size and aggressive nature, you’ll need a line that can withstand the pike’s weight and strength.

Braided lines are known as the strongest kind of line, they have a higher breaking strain than all other kinds because of their relatively small diameter. They’re the most sensitive and the best when it comes to casting for long distances and casting with more accuracy.

They also do not stretch and have no memory, so you won’t face any problems with tangles.

But that doesn’t mean that the Pike’s sharp teeth won’t be able to bite through braided. That’s why it’s always recommended to a leader with your braided line.

The best braided line to use for piking fishing is Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, it’s popular for its high sensitivity and impressive strength. I’ve used it and tested and it is as good as they say it is.

What Kind of Leader Is Used for Pike Fishing?

The two main options for leader material when fishing for pike are fluorocarbon or wire (also known as wire trace)

With fluorocarbon, it’s best to use a line with 15-30lb breaking strain or even heavier to carry the weight of a big fish like pike.

  • You can go for fluorocarbon if you’re using larger lures and when trolling for pike, as pike will unlikely be able to swallow the entire bait.
  • Fluorocarbon leaders are good as a leader because they can handle the pike’s sharp teeth without breaking easily. They’re perfect for fishing in clear water because fluorocarbon lines are invisible underwater. While a steel leader would be more visible and might even spook the fish away.

With wire leaders or wire traces, it’s best to use a wire with 20 to 24lb breaking strain and its length should be about 6-12 inches.

  • You can go for wire leaders if you’re fishing with baitfish and smaller lures, as they can be swallowed quickly and easily by pike.
  • Attaching wire traces to your lure or hook will keep the pike’s teeth from biting your line with your line and stop them from becoming tethered to your hook.
  • Wire traces should include a swivel at one end and a snap link at the other so switching lures can be much faster and easier.

What Is the Best Setup to Use with Braid for Pike Fishing?

For targeting pike using a braided line, you need to match it with a powerful rod and a big reel to hold the weight of the line.

When it comes to rods, you want to go for something strong, but also light and easy to carry.

The recommended length when targeting pike fish is 8-9 ft long with fast action and medium or medium-heavy power which offers more leverage and accuracy when casting.

When it comes to the reel, the most suitable choice for braid is the baitcaster reel. It’s lighter in weight and has a fixed spool and offers better control over casting distance and accuracy. You can check the best baitcasting reels here.

Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing your rod and reel set- up is balance. So, if you’re using a heavier and longer rod, you should go for a bigger reel and vice versa. Having a well-balanced rod and reel setup will help in lowering hand exhaustion.

What Kind of Hook Is Needed for Pike Fishing?

Anglers have always used treble hooks such as for pike fishing, with one hook for bait and a couple of others to hook onto the fishes’ mouths.

Treble hooks do a good job of hooking and holding pike, but they can cause a lot of damage to the fish, so some fisheries have banned the use of treble hooks.

As a result, many anglers went for circle hooks for pike fishing. Because they’re considered a safer option for the fish and a lot easier to unhook.

If you’re using circle hooks, remember not to strike into the pike but instead, just pull the bait little by little out of its mouth to make the hook set.

What Kind of Tackle Is Needed for Pike Fishing?

The kinds of tackle used to catch pike are livebait, deadbait, or artificial lures.

Livebait and deadbait are good for getting pike with a bigger size, while lures are good for getting pike in bigger amounts. So, choosing which of them to go for will depend on your goal.

The best lures to catch pike use are big plastic lures and crankbaits, they’re good for cold water where pike will swim deeper because they can easily sink.

You can also use weedless lures in shallow water and spinnerbaits in murky water because they can create a vibration that will attract the Pike.

Related Questions

What Line Test Should You Use for Pike?

The recommended line test to use when fishing for pike with a braid as your mainline is 30lb test. However, if you’re using a monofilament line, it’s better to use a 12lb – 15lb test.

Can You Use a Spinning Reel for Pike Fishing?

Yes, you can use a spinning reel for pike fishing. It’s a good choice for beginners because it’s easier to cast without having any trouble with backlashing and it also comes at a low cost.

Why Do You Need Gloves for Pike Fishing?

You need to use gloves for pike fishing to protect your hands because pike fish have very sharp teeth. If you’re not careful when you’re pulling out the hook from the pike’s mouth, you could easily get some bad bite marks on your hands.

What Kind of Net Do You Need for Pike Fishing?

You need a triangular specialist landing net with a strong 6 feet handle tied with folding 36 inches arms to be able to carry the pike. The size of the net can also depend on how much room you have to store the net and how big is your catch.

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