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The 8 Best Monofilament Lines in 2023 For Every Situation

Monofilament fishing lines are, most probably, the most common fishing lines in the market right now. There’s not one fisherman who has not started his/her journey using a good old monofilament. 

Why? Several factors have made monofilament fishing lines a popular choice amongst anglers. These factors include their strength, cost efficiency, versatility, adequate stretch, low memory, and ready availability. 

As you can see, this is a line that can help you with fighting countless fish species. It can give you the back-and-forth that you will need to tire the fish out. Essentially, a monofilament fishing line is single nylon fiber. Still, the vastness of the market collection can easily confuse a lot of fishers. 

That’s why we have scoured the market and compiled a list of the eight best monofilament fishing lines available today. We will discuss them down to the very last detail as well as provide you with a guide featuring all the fundamental properties that any monofilament fishing line ought to possess.

List of the Best Monofilament Lines:

Comparison Table:

Monofilament LineTest WeightLengthLine MemoryColors Available
Berkley Trilene Big Game8-130 lbs.440-10800 ydsLowSix
KastKing DuraBlend20-200 lbs.120 ydsLowClear
Stren High Impact10-30 lbs.400-1275 ydsLowFour
Berkley XL906-15 Trilene XL2-30 lbs.110-9000 ydsLowThree
KastKing World’s Premium4-30 lbs.300-600 ydsNoneSeven
Stren Original4-30 lbs100-2400 ydsLowFive
South Bend4-60 lbs.100-1125 ydsNormal Clear
Hi-Seas Grand Slam8-400 lbs.210-14640 ydsLowFive

The 8 Best Monofilament Lines in 2021

1. Berkley Trilene Big Game – Best Overall

This monofilament line by Berkeley has been named big game for a reason. It will help you land trophy catches with relative ease. This fiber is one of the sturdiest on the market today, offering excellent stretch, thin diameter, and excellent knotability.

Moreover, it’s versatility is top-notch in every aspect; it has weight tests ranging from 8-130 lbs, comes in lengths between 440-10800 yds, and has six different colors, all designed to blend in with the environment. Another advantage of this line is its within-budget price.

The only downside here is that although the line typically enjoys low memory when it absorbs water, it starts getting stiffer. Furthermore, if it’s not unwinded and dried correctly, it will cause tangles the next time you come to use it.


  • Strong
  • Excellent stretch 
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Six Colors
  • Works for both salt and freshwater
  • Thin diameter 
  • Superior knots


  • Water absorbance
  • Memory

Final Verdict

There’s hardly anything wrong with this line. It can work with either salt or freshwater, will handle small and big fish alike, and has excellent durability and tolerance against the environmental elements. All of that comes for an affordable price and regular, thorough maintenance.

2. KastKing DuraBlend – Runner Up

KastKing has always been a pioneer in all things fishing. They always aim for producing premium products, and the Durablend here is no different. It is made out of high-density nylon, allowing it excellent abrasion resistance and strength.

It has low memory and almost no stretch, so this line is not prone to tangles or backlashes. It will not bend or coil on you. Basically, dealing with it is a piece of cake. Knot tying with the DuraBlend is a dream as the knots are incredibly secure and can take quite a beating.

This line here has a small diameter, yet it has a range of weights from 20-200 lbs, which all come in a 120 yds length. It also comes in a clear color to offer you your best shot with the fish. 

The only downside here is that 120 yds may prove a little too short for many fishers.


  • No stretch
  • Low memory
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Thin


  • Only 120 yds

Final Verdict

The KastKing DuraBlend gives you everything that you might need and more. All of its features are considered advantages, and the only disadvantage is its length of only 120 yds.

3. Stren High Impact – Best Saltwater Monofilament Line

This high impact line is one of the best monofilament lines on the market today, and that’s why it’s on our list. It is made out of sturdy nylon, which makes it perfectly capable of lifting hard-hitting saltwater swimmers. 

No matter if you’re casting, spinning, or trolling, this line will not fail you as it enjoys pretty low memory that can last up to a year. It can also be used with offshore and coastal fishing alike. As the majority of monofilament lines, this one by Stren comes with great versatility. 

It has a range of weight tests from 10-30 lbs, comes in different lengths between 400-1275 Yds, and has four different colors, including a clear one. Lastly, this line has an ideal hook setting, which boosts its strength, durability, and tolerance for trophy fights.

The downsides to this line include the fact that it has some uneven spots, which make it prone to tangles and birds nests.


  • Super Strong
  • Low memory
  • Great for saltwater
  • Great visibility 
  • Superior hook-setting power
  • Versatile 
  • Affordable 


  • Tends to twist
  • Has uneven spots

Final Verdict

The Stren High Impact was called High Impact for a reason. There’s hardly any fish that it can’t lift within its weight test. It will not snap on you or lose its characteristics anytime soon.

4. Berkley XL906-15 Trilene XL – Best Monofilament Line For Spinning Reels

As indicated by the name of this line, it can cast pretty far quite smoothly. This monofilament line is our second Berkeley product on this list. It’s a smooth, straight-forward line, which makes it ideal for spinning reels.

This line is made out of top-notch nylon, which is intertwined in a specific manner to give it excellent strength, high abrasion resistance, and great tolerance for wear and tear. This line will not break, snap, or tangle.

Moreover, it enjoys low memory and good stretch, enough to help you lift your catch while maintaining sensitivity. You’d think that with such a big line, the sensitivity will be an oversight; however, that’s not the case. It is highly sensitive and has great visibility so you can easily sense and see all the activity happening under the water.

Due to the smoothness of this line and it’s efficiency, it can be used for either fresh or saltwater fishing. Anglers have been known to use it a lot when going for species such as steelhead, salmon, bass, trout, and a lot more. 

Lastly, this line offers sturdy, resilient knots and impressive flexibility with its variations. It comes in three colors, weight tests ranging from 2-30 lbs, and great length from 110-9000 Yds.

The only defects that come with this line include the fact that it does not offer heavyweight options as its maximum is 30 lbs, and that its colors might wear off after long-term usage.


  • Smooth
  • Great lengths
  • Strong
  • Great knotability
  • High sensitivity 
  • Far casts
  • Affordable 


  • Maximum weight of 30 lbs.
  • Colors might wear off

Final Verdict

This line is an excellent choice for anyone. It is made out of premium nylon, which guarantees anglers a smooth hassle-free experience along with their favorite spinning reel. You cannot go wrong with this line as it will work anywhere and at any time.

5. KastKing World’s Premium – Best Reel Capacity

This is our second product on this list by KastKing. The World’s Premium monofilament line is designed to grant you the freedom of as much line as you could need. Such a privilege will definitely secure your comfort while fishing.

Firstly, it is designed with the Paralleled Roll Track Technology to boost your reel’s capacity and eliminate memory, making this line immune to bends, tangles, and snapping, plus, extending its life span.

Moreover, this line is perfectly smooth all over, which allows for sleek, vivid cutting motion through both the air and the water and for casting long distances.

The line is highly durable and abrasion-resistant, which makes it perfectly suitable for saltwater fishing. Although it comes in a variety of seven colors, they are all perfectly visible to you while invisible to your prey.

It also enjoys a variety of weight tests from 4-30 lbs. and lengths from 300-600 yds.

The defects of this line include the fact that it is prone to overstretching over time; it’s maximum is only 30 lbs, and that it does not work well with surfcasting.


  • High reel capacity
  • Paralleled Roll Track Technology 
  • Low water absorption 
  • No memory
  • Thin diameter 
  • Durable
  • Affordable 
  • Works with both salt and freshwater 
  • Versatile 


  • Liable to overstretching 
  • Maximum weight of 30 lbs.
  • Not suitable for surfcasting

Final Verdict

KastKing has given us another excellent product for an affordable price. If you’re not into surfcasting and can do you with a little bit of stretch, then this line is perfect for you.

6. Stren Original – Best Durability

This Stren Original monofilament line is made to last as it enjoys superior abrasion resistance plus UV guard, which both contribute to its longevity. 

It is designed to resist any sort of corrosion, tangles, or coils, as it has very low memory and manageable stretch, which allows it to deal with trophy saltwater catches without losing them. 

Although it is a monofilament line, sensitivity has not been overlooked as the top quality nylon used here allows anglers to be aware of every single movement happening around the water. 

Furthermore, it has great visibility as it comes in five different colors. Those colors allow it to be used either by day or night, to enable fishers to see and follow their line.

The sturdiness of Stren Original allows it to be cast far and smooth without trouble. Additionally, it comes in different weight tests from 4-30 lbs, and lengths from 100-2400 Yds.

The only downside to this line is the fact that it doesn’t come in with tests above 30 lbs.


  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Can be used either by day or night
  • High Sensitivity 
  • Smooth cast
  • Low memory


  • Maximum weight of 30 lbs.

Final Verdict

The Stren Original allows you the confidence of strong, smooth strokes for an extended time. It’s designed with excellent protection against the elements such as UV light rays and water.

7. South Bend – Best Value For Money

South Bend has given us a by-the-book monofilament line. It is simply your best basic monofilament line for an attractive price. It is a sturdy, strong line with a thin diameter that will do very well with a broad spectrum of fish species.

Some users would argue that it is not up to handling aggressive swimmers. However, it was designed with adequate stretch, which can easily overcome this problem. It comes in a clear color, which is perfect for all fishing environments as it blends in so easily, therefore, tricking the fish. 

Although it has a little bit of memory, this memory will translate into strength when the line is in use. And just like other monofilament lines, it has great knotability. Therefore it provides confident casts.

One more thing is that it comes in different weight tests from 4-60 lbs and lengths from 100-1125 Yds.

The downsides to this line include the absence of color options and a little bit of memory.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Good stretch 
  • Good visibility 
  • Great length options
  • Strong knots


  • No color options
  • A little memory 

Final Verdict

For this fantastic price, this line gives you a lot. It is excellent for beginners as it won’t overwhelm them at all.

8. Hi-Seas Grand Slam – Greatest Length and Weight Test

The Grand Slam can deal with any type of fish in any fishing environment. It is designed with the widest range of weight tests and lengths. These ranges are 8-400 lbs and 210-14640 Yds.

It also boasts five different colors, including a fluorescent yellow and a clear one, which makes finding a monofilament line that suits your needs incredibly easy. You can also buy it in packs of one, two, or four.

It offers a little bit of stretch control plus sturdy knots that do not fail. The line is silky smooth all around. These factors all contribute towards making the line as sleek as possible.

The High-Seas Grand Slam cuts through water like a knife through butter. Furthermore, it has excellent abrasion resistance, as this line will last whether it is being used in salt or freshwater. 

The downsides of this line include that it’s quite expensive, especially if you go for the higher options, and that it has a relatively thicker diameter than other monofilament lines.


  • Great length
  • Great weight test
  • High Sensitivity 
  • Versatile
  • Strong
  • Great knot strength
  • Smooth casts


  • Expensive
  • Thicker diameter 

Final Verdict

If money is no problem to you and you wish to go on a fishing trip where you’ll be chasing trophy aggressive finicky fish, then this line is perfect for you. It is advertised as one of the strongest on the market, which is entirely genuine.

The Pros and Cons That Come with Monofilament Lines

Best Monofilament Lines

1. Pros:

Shock Absorbance

Monofilament lines are mostly made out of nylon, which is pretty tough. It also has an excellent level of stretch, low memory, and a wide variety of different diameters. All these factors allow the lines to be quite sturdy. They have a high tolerance for the wear and tear that fishing regularly causes.


Monofilament line is your basic fishing tool. It is quite soft and flexible, plus it comes with an excellent variety of options that allow you to pick a line that’s perfectly suited for you, making it quite easy to handle.


Affordability is one particular merit of monofilament lines. Although you can find some of them extremely expensive, the majority are within anyone’s budget. Especially if you’re a beginner still trying your hand at some simple casts, you wouldn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a line.


Monofilament lines tend to sink slowly, making them an ideal choice for topwater fishing. The reason behind that is the fact that nylon isn’t a dense material.


Monofilament lines can be made out of nylon, and they can be made out of other materials such as Dacron, polypropylene, fluorocarbon, or polyethylene. These other materials tend to be a little bit more expensive. Yet, they offer you extra strength, longer casts, and longer lifespan. 

Monofilament lines can take a lot of beating as they can be used with various fishing techniques, no sweat what-so-ever.

Exceptional Knotability

We have spoken about the manageability of monofilament lines; this factor leads to another advantage, which is superior knotability. You can efficiently perform various knots on this line with complete assurance that it will hold those knots perfectly.

Far Casts

With its superior abrasion resistance, floatation, and manageability, monofilament lines tend to be the chosen ones when anglers want to perform longer casts. They simply have a higher tolerance for the elements.

Visibility Spectrum

You’ll find that monofilament lines come in a wide variety of colors allowing you to choose whatever that will suit you and your fishing environment best.

2. Cons:

Susceptible to Elements

Although these lines are quite sturdy, continuous exposure to UV light rays and moisture without proper maintenance and cleaning would cause it to lose its shape and strength.

Stretch vs. Sensitivity

Striking a balance between just enough stretch to tire out your prey and adequate sensitivity to not lose your target before meeting it in the first place is quite hard. Some lines have too much stretch while others are too sensitive, but they will snap at the very early signs of a fight.

Water Absorbance

We have previously mentioned that continuous exposure to moisture might very well ruin your line; that is because monofilament lines stand to absorb a lot of water.

What to Look For When Buying a Monofilament Line

1. Line Diameter

The thinner your line is, the better, as it provides lower visibility and better manageability. Yet, don’t let a thinner line persuade you into agreeing to low strength. 

Always try to know a range for the fish sizes that you’re going to be chasing. Such knowledge will help you purchase a line with adequate weight test and thickness. 

2. Weight Test

This is the strength of your line and how heavy it can lift. The market offers a vast spectrum of weights, so you will definitely find something that will suit you. 

If you’re going for a cumbersome fish, then definitely aim for a higher weight test. However, if you are going after little trout, crappie, or panfish, then a lighter weight test will do just fine for you.

3. Abrasion Resistance

The lifespan of a well-kept monofilament line is around six months. Nevertheless, you must always keep in mind several variables that would affect the durability of your monofilament line. 

The most crucial factor will be what kind of water you’ll be fishing in. Saltwater will demand a much more robust and, therefore, more expensive line, while fresh or brackish water tends to be a little bit nicer towards fishing lines.

4. Visibility

You must always keep in mind the fact that the fish may very well spot your fishing line, and that will simply ruin your whole fishing trip. 

Try to go for clear lines or colors that can easily be camouflaged and blended into nature. These colors include dark greens, browns, and blues. They will still be visible to you. However, the fish will be none the wiser.

5. Stretch

Stretch is always a controversial element when it comes to fishing lines. You want your line to have enough stretch to give you the ability to fight and tire-out your catch, yet you don’t want too much stretch that can lead to very low sensitivity and, eventually, loss of the line’s structure and strength. 

Hence, you want to try to strike the right balance between stretch and sensitivity because, naturally, you need to know when the fish has caught your bait or has even caused the slightest movement around your line, while still maintaining strength and versatility.

6. Memory

Memory is your line’s ability to keep its shape when it’s unwinded. A line with high memory will not loosen after it has been unfurled from the spool; it will have angles, coils, and eventually tangles. That’s why, always try to go for the lowest memory possible to achieve smoothness and sleekness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should You go for a Monofilament or a Fluorocarbon Line?

Many variables can go into such a decision, but they all fall under one statement, which is what you need from your fishing line. 

How you want it to behave, what kind of fish you’re going after, and what sort of environment your line will be working in are also important factors.

To sum up, if you want a line that can tie top-notch knots and enjoys excellent stretch for over-the-water fishing, then a monofilament line will do perfectly for you. Also, if you’re a beginner, then a monofilament will help you as it does not have a steep learning curve, and it is quite affordable.

On the other hand, fluorocarbon fishing lines are a little bit more expensive, as they are more robust and in possession of excellent visibility.

You can check out this Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament lines comparison to learn when you should use each of them. I also have a comparison of Monofilament vs Braided lines here that is definitely worth checking out to learn when you should use either of them (and when you should use neither).

What’s the Lifespan of a Monofilament Line?

This depends on the frequency of usage of your line and the competence of your maintenance. You have to always tend to any signs of breakage or abrasions as soon as possible. Still, the lifespan of a monofilament line that is being regularly used is around six months. 

Which Plastic Variety Is Monofilament Line made of?

Mainly nylon. However, lines that are designed for longer casts are usually made out of Dacron, polypropylene, fluorocarbon, or polyethylene.

Final Thoughts

Monofilament lines are an excellent choice for fishing. They enjoy perfect casting distance, affordable prices, good memory, good stretch, and unique visibility options.

To sum up, the most important things to know before purchasing a monofilament line or any line, to be honest, are what kind of fish you’ll be going after and what fishing environment you will be present in. These variables will weigh heavily on your decision.

If you want to go for a line that will check all the boxes, give you great strength, low memory, adequate stretch, and everything that you might need, then our top pick, the Berkley Trilene Big Game, is the best monofilament line.

Our runner up, the KastKing DuraBlend, is also an excellent choice for anyone. If you want to go for a line that is budget-friendly and will give you maximum gain for your money, then the South Bend is the best monofilament line for the job.   

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