How Long Do Trout Pellets Last? A Guide to Fishing Trout With Pellets

Trout pellets are without doubt one of the most effective baits. They’re easy to manufacture and highly versatile so they can be used to catch a wide range of fish, not just trout. They’re also very cheap and they can last you a long time.

So, how long do trout pellets last? Trout pellets can last up to 6 months if they’re stored properly. They need to be stored at room temperature in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or moisture. Keep in mind that the pellet’s ingredients tend to start deteriorating after 12 months.

Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of pellets and how to use them as bait, or scroll to the end of the article for a complete list of the things you should know and have to become a better trout angler today.

How Are Pellets Made?

pellets to show how long do trout pellets last

Pellets were originally created as a feed for stocked trout fish. They were used to ensure that the fish gained a substantial amount of weight before being sold on the market.

Anglers started using them as bait as they proved to be effective for attracting a wide variety of game fish including trout, carps, catfish, bream, and barbells.

They are made by mixing raw ingredients such as fishmeal and vegetables then forcing the mixture through small tubes. After that, the mixture is heated with steam until it hardens then it is cut into the desired size.

How Do Pellets Work as Bait?

Pellets are basically compressed parcels of ground bait. Once they’re submerged in water, they will start to break down.

As the pellets break down, the skin of the pellet will slowly dissolve and the scent and flavor of the dissolving particles will disperse quickly through the water attracting the fish to the bait and triggering them to bite. This works great for trout which are always attracted to scented baits.

Some kinds of pellets might take longer to break down than others. Pellets that are 1mm in size usually take a few minutes before they turn to mush, while rock-hard 21mm pellets could take up to a week to fully break down.

What Are Trout Pellets Made of?

Trout pellets are made from salmon fry crumbs and they have a high concentration of oil and proteins. This makes them highly effective as bait because the oil allows the scent and flavor to disperse efficiently in the water which attracts the fish and gets them to bite.

How to Store Trout Pellets?

Trout pellets, as well as kinds of pellets, have a shelf life of approximately 6 months. Some types of pellets might contain antioxidants which makes them last longer but after 12 months the nutrients that are in the fish pellets would start deteriorating.

You need to store your pellets properly to maximize their nutritional value and ensure they last longer. It’s recommended to keep them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or moisture. You can also keep the pellets in small bags and freeze them.

What Are Other Types of Pellets?

Let’s take a quick look at some other types of pellets:

Halibut Pellets

Pre-dried halibut pellets

This type of pellets has higher oil content compared to other types of pellets. They are made using different nutrients and proteins.

They are often used to attract big carps, barbells, and catfish.

Carp Pellets

This type of pellets is made using vegetable proteins and they are a lot less oily so they can be used in places where halibut and trout pellets are banned for containing high oil content.

They break down quickly so they’re more effective when used as a loose feed rather than a hook bait.

Expander Pellets

This type of pellets is hard so they need to be soaked in water until they soften and produce a slightly spongy texture.

They’re quite buoyant, so they’re more effective when hooked directly on a hook.

Hemp Pellets

This kind of pellet is fairly low in oil and it breaks down completely to produce a kind of mush.

They work best when used in ground bait mixes or as a loose feed. They’re often used to attract beam fish and carps.

Soft Feed Pellets

This kind of pellets is made from tiny carp pellets that have been moistened and preserved.

They are often used to attract carp and silverfish.

CSL Pellets

This kind of pellet is made using CSL which stands for Corn Steep Liquor. They have a sweet and savory scent that’s highly attractive to fish.

They break down quickly in water so they’re best used as loose feed. They can be used to attract a wide variety of fish species, especially carps and barbells.

How to Hook Trout Pellets?

Pellets are highly versatile and they can be used as loose feed or as hook bait.

Trout pellets are mostly used as hook bait, however, it can be challenging to rig these pellets especially when they are hard.

So, here are some methods that will help you effectively present your trout pellets on a hook:

You can use a rubber bait band around the pellet then push your hook under the rubber band to keep it secure.

You can use a small drill to make a hole through the center of the pellet. Make sure to twist the drill gently to avoid cracking the pellet. Once the drill passes through you can push the hook through the hole

You can also pull a hair rig through drilled pellets using a baiting needle and bait stop which will make the bait more secure on the hook.

This video illustrates the perfect way to rig a pellet:

Related Questions

What’s the Difference Between Oil-based Pellets and Water Based Pellets?

Oil-based pellets are designed to rise in the water while dispersing the scent and flavor slowly. They tend to be more effective as hook bait. Water-based pellets, on the other hand, are designed to sink in the water while breaking down at a much faster pace. They tend to be more effective as loose feed.

Are Pellets Better for Stocked Trout Than Wild Trout?

Pellets are better for stocked trout than wild trout. That is because stocked trout are raised in hatcheries and they’re more used to consuming man-made food. Stocked trout’s diet in hatcheries mainly consists of corn, grain, and pellets while wild trout’s diet mainly consists of various kinds of live bait fish.

What Color of Pellets is Best?

Fishing Pellets come in a range of colors to attract fish in various water conditions. When fishing in clear waters, it’s best to use pellets with bright vibrant colors while in murky water, pellets with darker colors will be much easier for the fish to detect.

What Kind of Hook Is Suitable for Trout Fishing?

Circle hooks with sizes 8 to 12 are the most suitable for trout fishing. Trout fish have an excellent vision which so they can easily detect hooks, especially if you’re targeting them in clear water. That’s why it’s important to choose a suitable hook type and size to increase your chances of getting trout to bite

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