How Fast Does Java Fern Grow? A Simple Timeline

Java Fern is known for its unique delicate beautiful shape and its simplicity of requirements. Caring for Java Fern is not rocket science and can be done with the minimum effort. So, it’s intriguing to get yourself one of those plants that can enhance your tank’s look and condition and can be kept with a wide range of fish and add no pressure to care for them.

So, how fast does Java Fern grow? Java Fern grows relatively slow, they start to grow over 2-3 weeks. The growth process depends on the circumstances around it. If you provide high light, CO2, and regular water change it can grow a leaf per week and about one inch (2.5 cm) per month. When these variables change, it grows slower.

Java Fern might be one of the easiest plants to grow but still, it needs care and attention on a daily basis. If you’re about to grow your first Java Fern, I have some answers to questions that may pop in your head. Read on to know more.

How Fast Does Java Fern Grow? A Timeline 

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Say you bought your first Java Fern and now you need to keep it healthy and growing to keep having this unique beautiful shape in your aquarium.

You are doing everything right and providing the right environment for it to grow but no sign of growth is noticeable so far, is there something wrong? You’ll know that the answer is “no” when you learn how slow these plants naturally grow.

A healthy Java Fern will start to grow tiny leaves over 2 or 3 weeks. They sprout out from the black bumps, which can easily be cut off to be moved elsewhere to start their own growth process.

Tip: make sure to check your Java Fern for any brown edging and unhealthy leaves before buying.

With a healthy environment for them to grow with fertilizers, proper lighting, and CO2 your Java Fern will grow faster than any other one, the requirements are minimum but effective in making Java Fern thrive.

You may notice a new leaf every week or so depending on the environment, some people noticed that their Java Fern grows an inch a month. The lower the lighting the slower the growth.

How to make your java fern grow faster 

So how to make your Java Fern grow faster? To make your Java Fern grow faster you need to keep it in a healthy environment with fertilizers, CO2, good lighting, and water change. Typically, you can’t rush a natural process, but these methods and providing regular nutrients can speed up the process.

Typical Java Fern can grow without CO2, fertilizers, or heavy lighting but, if you’re waiting for it to grow faster, you’ll need some extras. Even if Java Fern is a slow-growing plant, giving them all they might need, not just the minimum, will help them grow and thrive faster.


Java Fern requires low light and can grow in dark waters, but the more lighting you provide the faster you’ll watch it grow.


Another thing that’s not vital in growing Java Fern, but providing it will speed up the growth process. 

Water Change

Java Fern loves oxygenated water, so a regular water change will help it grow faster. You can change out 25% of your aquarium’s water every 2 weeks or less.


You’ll notice growth in your Java Fern after you regularly add fertilizers twice a week. Java Fern loves Phosphates, so you might take that into consideration. If you can get them up above 3 ppm it’d be great, the more the better. Here is a simple buyer’s guide for you to pick what suits you from a variety of liquid fertilizers.

How long does java fern take to attach? 

Java Fern has rhizomes that shouldn’t be buried otherwise it will grow extremely slowly, or not at all in some cases. That’s why you’ll need to attach it to rocks or driftwood to let it grow naturally.

So, how long does Java Fern take to attach? It takes about 3 to 6 months for Java Fern to attach. How long Java Fern takes to attach depends on its growth rate and the surface it’s attached to. If you use methods to speed up the growth process and attach it to a rough surface, you can expect it to attach in much less time.

Java Fern roots will start to attach after a few weeks according to its growth rate. Once the roots are secured after about 3 to 6 months you can remove the ties.

How does Java Fern Multiply? 

So, how does Java Fern Multiply? Java Fern multiplies by apomixis. It doesn’t produce seeds to be fertilized, instead, Java Fern clones itself. Plantlets will start to grow underneath the mature leaves. These plantlets develop their roots and start their own growth process.  

You can pull Java Fern plantlets off the parent plant and move them somewhere else in the tank tied to driftwood or other rough surfaces. They’ll grow to be a perfect replica of the mother plant.

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Related Questions 

How Fast Does Java Moss Grow? 

Java Moss grows according to the surrounding environment of lighting. Using factors like bright lighting, fertilizers twice a week, CO2 and a water change every two weeks will boost the growth process by a good rate.

How Tall Do Java Ferns Get? 

Java Ferns can get up to 8 inches tall (about 20 cm). The time it takes to reach this high can be a lot, but with good lighting, the addition of fertilizers, and CO2 it can grow about 1 inch (2.5 cm) every month or less.

How Long Does Java Fern Take To Grow? 

Java Fern takes around 2-3 weeks to grow. The growth process depends on the circumstances it’s put into. If you provide high light, CO2, and regular water change it can grow a leaf per week and about one inch (2.5 cm) per month. If these circumstances change it might grow much slower.

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