6 Benefits of Fishing That Helps You Live a Happier, Healthier Life

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Fishing is more than just a sport. It is a wealth of benefits; emotionally, physically, and mentally. Fishing is not only about passing time on the water -although the time on the water is a lot of fun- after you’ve spent a while fishing and going home afterward and then back and forth to fishing, you will start to notice how it is affecting you in so many ways. 

You probably are a fishing lover already, but if you’re not, here are some of the benefits you will gain while being a fisherman and also, the reasons to fall in love with fishing!

The 6 absolute best benefits of fishing are:

  1. A Chance to enjoy Quite and Peace
  2. Fishing helps you maintain a fit body
  3. Fishing helps you heal and become happier
  4. Fish Helps you live longer and healthier
  5. Fishing helps you maintain a sharp brain
  6. A Chance to enjoy family time

Of course there are many more benefits of fishing, but in my experience, this is how I’ve found fishing changing my life absolutely in the last couple of years.

Let’s go over each of these reasons quickly to explore them.

6 Benefits of Fishing For Your Physical & Mental Health

Man happy with fish to illustrate the benefits of fishing and how it makes you a better man

1. A Chance to Enjoy Quiet And Peace

While in our modern world we are bothered on a daily basis by the noises and commercials everywhere, we spend most of our day at work, looking at digital screens and back home to almost the same thing which causes many people to suffer from stress.

Fishing allows you a chance to unplug from all the noise that surrounds you in your city. The only thing you will hear will be the sound of relaxing waves and birds in the sky. Some fishermen like to listen to some soothing music while fishing too which also helps them to reduce stress.

Many people who go fishing manage to go through their days more easily with a rested mind and a healthier mindset as this sport helps them unwind and relax after a long day. 

2. Fishing Helps You Maintain a Fit Body

The right mind is in the right body, we were told so in school and it turned out to be very accurate indeed. Even though fishing itself does not include much of a physical workout but still, it includes a lot of paddling and sometimes a little bit of hiking which has cardiovascular benefits. Moreover, being outside allows you a chance to get a lot of vitamin D which helps us become happier.

Some women even like to go fly fishing which is a type of fishing that includes artificial flies to help them recover from breast cancer. 

3. Fishing Helps You Heal and Become Happier

Fishing can be your best decision if you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. This simple type of light exercise and the relaxing vibe of the surroundings while fishing helps decrease the symptoms of PTSD and get in a better mood. 

Studies show that after only three days of fly fishing, people who had post-traumatic disorder started to show fewer symptoms! 

Group participants filled a survey about how they felt after trying out fishing and it turns out, their sadness dropped by 36 percent, their feeling of guilt dropped by 43 percent and most importantly, the feelings of fear and hostility massively decreased.

The same group of people maintained a positive change in their mood for months, and a large number of the group members never stopped fly fishing ever since!

Research shows that fishing includes many things that will make you happier such as being exposed to the sunshine, it helps boost your mood to feel better but most importantly, it helps to improve your immune system (Vitamin D) as well as improving your lungs’ health thanks to the fresh air you will enjoy during your trip!

4. Fish Helps You Live Longer and Healthier!

Eating healthy pays off! Many Japanese people talk about the benefits and the nutrition found in fish, and all of their heavy diets and health care paid off as now they have the longest life expectancy in the world! 

According to the world health organization (WHO), women in Japan are expected to live until they reach 87 years old! While Japanese men are expected to live to around 80 years!

In addition to extending your life length expectancy, eating fish is a perfect source for nutrition. Fish is a great source of omega-3 which lowers the chance of having a stroke or a heart attack as well as reducing blood pressure and stabilizing irregular heartbeat. 

Fish is very beneficial to children as well as it helps to improve their brain functions. Research shows that eating fish is also a great way to save your eyesight as well as providing skin protection against UV-rays.

On top of all the benefits fish gives you, it also helps decrease your chances of developing asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. And finally, it helps reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

5. Fishing Helps You Maintain a Sharp Brain

As we age, we might encounter some memory problems such as cognitive decline. The best way to fight it back is by challenging your mind with some activities! Fishing includes some obstacles that you will want to think through to reach a creative solution. 

An overview by Harvard Health Publications provides the greatest ways to fight back with cognitive decline, their advice and recommendations will lead you back to fishing! Why? Because it is a sport that helps you think more, exercise a little and gives you the right amount of nutrition.

6. A Chance to Enjoy Family Time

There is nothing better than spending time with your family or with your loved ones and fishing is the best chance to do so. Bringing your family members, kids or spouse will allow you some quality time and a chance to bond and enjoy a relaxing mood together!

However, you need to be aware that you might need a bit of change around the boat if you plan to get someone who is not an angler. For example, you might want to choose an area where you have an easier species to hunt.

This could be really helpful if you want to involve a beginner in fishing, you might not get the exact amount of fish you would if you were on your own or in a different hot spot, but it is still a worthy chance of bonding and enjoying the trip together.  

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a beautiful sport that helps you have a better and easier life, not only does it entertain you, but it also helps you become healthier in every way possible! Spending time with the family, enjoying the outside and relaxing, as well as giving you a perfect nutrition source!

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