How Do You Catch Catfish At Night? A Quick Guide to Night Catfishing

Catfish are some anglers’ favorite to catch. They bite on almost anything, so they can be pretty easy to catch. There are many types of catfish and many ways to catch them. Many people ask questions about catfishing at night in particular, though.

How do you catch catfish at night? To catch catfish at night, you will need to use the right bait, have the right gear, and check for water temperatures suitable for catfish feeding times. Anglers should consider trying out catfishing at night because it could bring some of the biggest catfish.

We will discuss all the tips and tricks you will need to catch catfish at night. Keep reading to find out more.

Do Catfish Bite At Night?

a photo of a catfish to show how to catch catfish at night

Catching catfish at night comes with many advantages. Many anglers refuse to fish at night, thinking that catfish do not bite, but they do.

One of the best things about catfishing at night is the weather is a lot cooler, so it gives anglers the comfort to fish without the heat. There’s also usually less wind at night, so the water can be calmer as a result. This can be an advantage if you are looking to fish in calmer waters.

Another good thing about catfishing at night is that there are fewer boats and people, so it gives you the freedom to catch the biggest catfish without any competitors. Anglers should consider trying out catfishing at night because it could bring some of the biggest catfish.

How Do You Catch Catfish at Night?

To have a successful catfishing trip at night, you will need to use the right bait, have the right gear, and check for water temperatures.

Pro Tips for Catfishing at Night

Catfish night fishing can bring a lot of luck. Many anglers swear by it and have advised beginner anglers, so they can have the same luck. We will give you the best tips and tricks to help you catch catfish at night.

  • For catfishing at night, you can use the same bait you use during the day, in particular live or dead bait. Bait such as carp, shad, bluegill, perch, and even clams work really well for catfish.
    • Other types of baits include chicken livers, nightcrawlers, or anything that smells pungent enough.
  • One good tip to remember is to let your bait soak for a little longer during the night. Anglers recommend you keep it soaked for about 45 minutes before casting your line somewhere else.
    • Catfish have shown that they are more forgiving with where the bait is placed during the night.
  • The best season to fish for catfish during the night is summer. That way, the weather is not too cold for catfish or anglers.
    • During summer, catfish start being more active an hour before sunset and through the entire night. 
    • They also tend to hide in holes and behind rocks, but during the night, catfish come out of their hiding places to feed, which gives anglers a great opportunity to catch them and, as a bonus, anglers do not have to suffer from the cold weather during the summer.
  • It is important to carry the right tools as well. Anglers recommend you get a hook big enough for the catfish you are trying to catch. Anything less than a 20-pound fishing line would not be very helpful.
    • Some anglers go for lines as big as 50 pounds, depending on the type of catfish they are trying to catch.
  • Whether you are fishing from a boat or the shore, you have to prepare and plan where you want to go first. Bringing a headlamp or a lantern can be a helpful guide to lead you to where you want to go.
  • It can be very useful to bring a bell or a light to attach to the end of your rod since it can be hard to see during the night.
    • A bell or light can grab your attention when you’ve got a bite. A rod holder can also help with that.
  • Having a lantern or a headlamp can attract many bugs, so it could be useful to bring bug spray during your nighttime catfishing trip. You will also need a cooler to store your personal stash of food and drink since fishing at night could take some time.

Speaking of gear, catching Catfish can be tricky, which is why you need to have the right gear and know how to use it whether we’re talking about day or night fishing. I have quite a bit – a lot, actually, but I’m being modest- of experience chasing Catfish.

This means I’ve wasted hundreds (if not thousands) of bucks on gear throughout the years, and to spare you the pain of going through the same trial-and-testing process, here are my personally-tested picks:

Outdoorskilled’s Recommended Gear for Superb Catfishing

I’ve testeI’vezens of reels, rods, and lines for Catfishing, and after years of testing, here are my quick picks that will definitely improve your current setup and results!

My recommended reel is the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 which is ideally suited for catfish.

The rod I always recommend is the KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod. It’s lightIt’sht, durable, and affordable. Furthermore, you’d haveyou’dde selection of models to choose from, whether you’re looyou’reor a spinning or casting rod. Lastly, it comes in twin-tips models, which means you’ll be you’llg two rods rather than one.

What I use is the Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line as it’s the sit’sgest, toughest mono I’ve ever I’veed and because it has exceptional shock strength, great knot integrity, tremendous abrasion resistance, and a high-visibility color option, you really can’t findcan’ter options

Catfish are also notoriously difficult to kill, so make sure to check out my guide to killing catfish quickly and humanely.

Related Questions

Where to Cast for Catfish at Night?

When catfishing at night, you should cast your line near a light source if you are fishing at a lake or pond. Catfish are very curious creatures, and they will be attracted to light naturally. When fishing at rivers, you should cast near river holes. 

How to Catch Catfish from the Bank at Night?

To catch catfish from a bank at night, you should keep your cast shorter and see how catfish react to that first. You may need to adjust it depending on catfish activity, but starting small will help. Catfish will not travel too far in banks during the night.

Do Catfish Bite at Night During Winter?

Catfish bite at night during winter, however, they are not nearly as active as they are during the summer. The reason for that is that water temperatures are too cold for catfish to bite. They will usually be hiding behind rocks or in holes where water temperatures are warmer.

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