Do You Need A Braided Line For Pike? All You Need to Know

Pike fishing can be very exciting for many anglers. They are known for their sharp teeth and also their tendency to bite through angler’s fishing line easily. That’s why braided fishing lines are the perfect choice when targeting pike.

So why do you need a braided line for pike fishing? You need a braided line for pike fishing because braided lines are stronger which makes it difficult for pike to cut through. It also has no stretching capabilities which allow for stronger hooking action and better casting accuracy.

So that’s one part of the equation, but about the rest of the gear you’ll need for pike fishing? Keep reading to learn about what you need to catch pike, how to catch pike (and where to find them), plus some pro tips that can really help you catch pike faster and more quickly.

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The Gear You Need for Fishing Pike

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When you’re targeting Pikes, the gear you choose can have a strong impact on your performance and success in catching them.

Let’s break down the essential gear you’ll need:

What Is the Best Rod for Pike Fishing?

The type of rod you choose normally depends on your style of fishing, but for pike, you’ll need a powerful rod.

The recommended length for a pike fishing rod is usually 8-9 ft long with fast action and medium or medium-heavy power.

That’s because they have enough length for riverbank fishing and they offer better leverage when casting lures/bait allowing for longer casts with less effort.

They’re also a lot lighter making, which makes them easy to carry around.

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What Is the Best Reel for Pike Fishing?

Your choice when it comes to reels is between baitcaster reels and spinning reels.

They both have a lot of good qualities, so your choice will depend mainly on preference.

Check this quick comparison of some of their qualities to help with your choice:

Spinning ReelBaitcaster Reel
Easier to cast without backlashingMore control and maneuverability over casting distance and accuracy when casting near trees or around tight corners
Relatively lower PriceLighter weight
Has the possibility to change the side of the handleThe spool is fixed so the line rolls off straight making it the best option for braided line

The spinning reel might be the better choice for beginners because it’s easier to handle. However, more experienced anglers consider baitcasters to be best for fishing Pike.

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What Is the Best Line for Pike Fishing?

Both braid and mono are great choices when it comes to choosing the line.

However, it’s important to take into consideration that pike fish have sharp teeth and are known to be quite aggressive. So, it’s best to use a line that won’t break easily.

Braided lines are rigid and have a high break strain. This allows them to carry more weight and prevent Pike from biting through them. They also do not stretch, which is good for casting further and with better accuracy.

  • If you intend to use braid, it’s best to go for a 30lb breaking strain.

You can always use a stronger monofilament fishing line, but in order for it to carry the same weight, it would need to be much thicker.

  • If you intend to use mono, then go for a line of 12lb or even 15lb breaking strain.

Choosing your line can also depend on which method you’re using. The following table will help you with choosing the right line for each method:

Pike Fishing MethodBest Line
Live BaitMono
Dead BaitBraid

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Do You Need To Use A Leader When Fishing For Pike?

Yes, you need to use a leader when you’re fishing for pike. Because of their sharp teeth, they may bite through mono or braided lines. Using a leader will definitely reduce the risk of damaging your line and losing your catch.

Now, there are two popular leaders that pike anglers recommend using:

  • fluorocarbon leader – a good option if you want a light leader that allows more movement for your lures
  • steel leader – a good option if you want extra strength

What Is The Best Lure for Fishing Pike?

There are many different lures on the market, they come in different shapes, sizes, and weights. Choosing the perfect lure for Pike fishing relies mostly on the situation you’re fishing in.

In colder water, it’s best to use lures that easily sink such as Big heavy plastic lures and crankbaits.

In shallow water, you can go for weedless or topwater lures.

In muddy unclear water, using spinnerbaits is recommended because they’re good for creating vibration.

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What Is the Best Bait for Fishing Pike?

There are two bait options that will help you catch pike. The first is live or dead fish, the second is to use artificial baits that resemble fish.

Both of them are good options, but generally, using artificial baits produces greater numbers of pike, while using real fish produces larger pike.

Tips You Need to Know Before Fishing for Pike

The most important factor to keep in mind when you are pike fishing is the weather.

The temperature of the water surface is crucial, because as the temperature increases, the pike’s activity increases.

The temperature also affects their depth. That is why Pike is not found at the same depth in all seasons. When it gets cooler, pike swims from shallow waters to the deep.

Where to Fish for Pike?

  • Nearly all states in the northern tier of the country have pike lakes.
  • Vermont is considered to have the best pike fishing of the whole area.
  • New York is also an excellent pike state, as are Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • The Dakotas and Colorado have good pike fishing in reservoirs.
  • The wilderness waters in the Canadian provinces have the least fishing pressure and also the biggest pike.

What Time of Day Is Best to Fish for Pike?

  • The best time to fish for pike is early morning because Pike fish tend to be more active and hungry for their first meal of the day.
  • In the afternoon, Pike calms down and heads to deeper water as the temperature gets hotter. This makes them lazier and difficult to catch.
  • Pike do not usually feed at night when the water is dark, so it’s not recommended to fish for them at that time.

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Related Questions

When Is It Forbidden to Fish for Pike?

It is forbidden to fish for pike between 15 December and 31 March. During this time, pike fish enter their breeding period. It’s important to comply with fishing prohibition as it’s important for balancing natural life and the future of the pike population.

What Gear Ratio Reel Should Be Used for Pike Fishing?

If you’re using a heavier and longer rod, you should go for a bigger reel and vice versa. That is to make sure you have a well-balanced rod and reel setup which will help in lowering hand exhaustion.

How to Catch Pike in Murky Water?

You can catch pike in murky water by using bigger and active lures that will create more vibrations in the water, therefore grabbing the attention of pike more easily.

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