Why Do Anglers Put Fishing Hooks on Their Hats?

Have you ever wondered what a fishing hook on someone’s hat meant? 

Anglers may wear a fishing hook on their hat for a variety of reasons. This practice began as a practical manner for fishermen to carry their fishing equipment and has evolved into a trend or perhaps a political statement against drug consumption.

So, why do anglers put fishing hooks on their hats? Anglers sometimes put fishing hooks on hats for practical purposes, such as storing their hooks while fishing. Other reasons include wishing themselves luck, accessorizing, or promoting the anti-drug initiative “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs.” 

Keep on reading to explore more the reasons why anglers put fishing hooks on their hats and how you can attach a hook to your hat properly.

Why Do Anglers Put Fishing Hooks on Their Hats? 

a photo of a hat with fishing hooks attached to show why do anglers put fishing hooks on their hats

There are several explanations as to why anglers put fish hooks on their hats. 

One common belief is that it’s a tribute to a period when fishing was a far more popular sport. People would wear fish hooks on their hats to symbolize that they were proud to be fishermen.

Another theory suggests that the fish hook represents power and perseverance. Anglers are a tough lot, and they have to be in order to survive the conditions and capture their target. As a result, the fish hook on a hat is seen as a sign of power and perseverance.

There are various other reasons why anglers fish hooks on their hats, and these reasons vary from practical to trendy.

For Practical Reasons 

Fishermen began this practice to make it easier to retrieve their fish hooks when fishing. 

If you misplace a hook and need to replace it on your pole, having it attached to your hat eliminates the need to go through your storage container.

Taking the fish hook from your hat is considerably quicker and more efficient than searching around for a spare one. 

This is highly helpful for fly anglers who need to wade into the water while being separated from their equipment. Instead of stepping out of the water every time they have to replace a bait or repair a hook, they wear one on their cap. You can learn more about how to fly fish here.

For Good Luck

Anglers from different cultures believe in different myths, which affect how they fish.

Many anglers believe that putting a fish hook on their hats will bring them good luck on their trip and help them catch more fish.

As A Fashion Accessory

This useful item, like many others, became a trend that others have imitated.

People probably saw others around town putting fishing hooks on their hats and thought it was attractive, so they began doing it too. 

People who put a fishing hook on baseball hats or other non-fishing apparel might be identified as doing it as a trend instead of for practical reasons. 

Some people may be seen wearing a fishing hook hat clip on their hat rather than a real, working fishing hook. This is clearly trendy rather than a practical use of a fishing hook.

Supporting A Campaign Against Drug Use

The “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” initiative urged individuals to wear a fishing hook hat pin to indicate support for their anti-drug effort. 

It’s an educational awareness program that teaches at-risk youth fishing techniques. This program is intended to instill in young people the value of learning to fish and capture their own food as a sport and a food supply. 

Around 30 states have participated in this program with several certified specialists who teach children how to fish. 

If you’ve seen their symbol and thought about what the fishing hook hat clip means, it’s a symbol of support for this remarkable organization that helps youth acquire a new skill.

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How to Attach a Fish Hook to a Hat?

You might have noticed anglers putting fishing hooks on their hats, and you want to do the same. Luckily, it’s a very simple process that doesn’t take too much time or effort. 

Here’s how you can attach a fish hook to a hat:

  • Gently thread the hook through the fabric or netting on your hat, making sure not to poke the pointed side into your skull.
  • You must also make sure that the hook is not pointed outwards to prevent it from causing any injury when you reach up to grab your hat.
  • If you’re not attaching the hook to your hat for practical reasons, it will be ideal to use a fishing hook clip instead of a real fishing hook.

Here’s a simple video on how to make a Fish Hook Hat clip:

Which Side of the Hat Should You Put Fishing Hooks on?

There are several arguments that might surface when it comes to which side of the hat the fish hook should go on.

Several people actually believe the fish hook should be placed on the right side of the hat, whereas others say it should be placed on the left side. So, which side is the right side?

The side you should put your hook on will depend mainly on your reasons for attaching the hook. If you’re attaching the hook for practical reasons, then you should put the hook on the same side as your dominant hand to make it easier to retrieve when needed.

Some believe that the right is determined by the kind of hat you are wearing. 

For example, Since baseball hats are supposed to be worn with the flap facing forward, the fish hook would be better on the left side. Meanwhile, trucker hats are worn with the flap towards the rear, so the fish hook should be placed on the right.

However, if you’re putting the hook on the hat as an accessory or to follow a trend, it won’t matter which side it’s on. You can learn more about what fishermen wear here.

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