Best Powerbait For Trout – We Tested Them All To Get Those

Powerbait is a kind of scented and colored dough mixture that’s designed to be used as fish bait.

It’s considered to be an effective and convenient bait for trout fishing as it has accounted for more rainbow trout catches than any other trout bait, and it can also be used to catch other trout species like brown trout and brook trout.

The best kind of powerbait for trout is dough PowerBait which is available in multiple flavors and colors that effectively attract trout and get them to bite. Trout tend to prefer corn, garlic, and salmon egg flavors because of their distinctive scent. They also prefer PowerBait with bright colors such as chartreuse or yellow.

Here are the 3 Best Powerbaits for trout:

Corn Powerbait

The classic corn Powerbait is very effective and very affordable. It’s also extremely easy to use. 

Garlic Powerbait

Not only is the garlic smell a very strong attractant to Trout, but it’s also strong enough to overpower other smells that might make trout turn away. 

Salmon Eggs Powerbait

Smells like real salmon eggs and is even more effective. 

Keep reading to learn why PowerBait is the perfect bait for trout and how to rig PowerBait for trout fishing properly.

What Makes PowerBait an Effective Bait for Trout Fishing?

the best powerbait for trout

There are many reasons why Berkley PowerBait is effective for trout and the go-to bait for trout anglers.

The main reason is that it is very appealing to trout due to its strong bait scent and flavor that disperse into the water, as well as its bright colors.

Another reason is that the density of PowerBait is less than that of the water, which means the bait won’t sink. This can be very convenient if you’re fishing for trout in areas with heavy cover and weeds, as you would need the bait to float, or it might get snagged.

Novice anglers prefer using Powerbait more than other artificial baits because it’s easy to use and doesn’t cause too much mess. The dough is pliable, so it can be molded onto your hook, and it doesn’t stick to anything, which makes it easy to clean.

Berkley Powerbait is also a cost-effective bait that is easy to obtain and can last you a long time. One jar of PowerBait can last multiple fishing trips if it’s properly stored, and it can be purchased online or at almost any fishing tackle store.

I have a full guide that shows what experienced anglers really think of powerbait and whether it works here that is definitely worth checking out.

Does PowerBait Work Better for Stocked Trout Than Wild Trout?

PowerBait might work better for stocked trout than wild trout. Since stocked trout are raised in hatcheries, they’re more used to consuming man-made food. Their diets mainly consist of corn, grain, and pellet food which is similar in shape, scent, and flavor to most kinds of Powerbait.

Can PowerBait Be Harmful to Trout?

Berkley Powerbait is not harmful to trout. That is because it’s made from non-toxic ingredients such as oil-based resin and PVC, which trout can easily digest.

The oil used in making the PowerBait is put in to preserve its scent, and it’s very similar to what they feed trout fish in hatcheries.

Although PowerBait is digestible and nontoxic as trout bait, you still need to keep in mind that it doesn’t offer any nutritional benefits for the trout fish, which means that trout will not be able to survive on a diet that’s limited only PowerBait only as this can cause them to get sick and eventually die.

Which Kind of PowerBait Do Trout Prefer?

There’s an array of bait options from Berkley PowerBait available on the market, but trout seem to have a preference for dough baits. That is because dough PowerBait comes in multiple colors, flavors, and scents that are all effective in attracting trout and getting them to bite.

Anglers also prefer using dough PowerBait because it’s a moldable bait that’s easy to rig and has excellent floating properties.

Here are my recommendations for the best dough Powebaits for trout that you must have in your tackle box.

The Best Powerbait for Trout

Corn Powerbait

Berkley’s Corn PowerBait is an all-round classic bait for trout. It comes in a bright yellow color which helps attract more trout. In my experience, it has been more effective than using real corn. Using real corn is cheaper, but I still recommend trying it at least once.

Garlic Powerbait

An alternative bait option is the Berkley Garlic PowerBait, which disperses a strong scent in the water that trout can easily detect, and it also masks all other scents that might turn trout away from biting. It’s a must-have trout bait for all anglers.

Salmon Egg Powerbait

Another backup bait is the Berkley Salmon Egg PowerBait. It’s an imitative bait as it can effectively imitate the shape, scent, and flavor of real salmon eggs that trout are known to seek and feed on.

You can, of course, use real corn, real garlic, or real salmon eggs for trout, and I’ve tried all of these methods, but using Powerbait has been more effective for trout fishing, in my experience.

If you want to try for yourself and compare them, feel free to do so. In fact, you can start by checking out my guides to fishing for trout with corn here, fishing for trout with garlic corn here, and fishing for trout with salmon eggs here.

After you’re done experimenting, please email me with your results, and let’s compare our findings. You can contact me here.

Which Color of PowerBait Is Best for Trout Fishing?

Trout are known to have an excellent sense of vision, so it’s very important to choose the right color of PowerBait to increase your chances of getting them to bite.

When selecting the color of PowerBait, you need to consider the water conditions you will be fishing in. Make sure to select a color that will stand out against the water so it can be easily seen by trout.

So, if you are fishing in clear waters, it’s recommended to go for darker colors, such as reds or blues, while in muddy or murky waters, it’s recommended to go for brighter neon colors, such as chartreuse or yellow.

I discuss colored baits in more detail in my article about what colors trout see best.

How to Rig PowerBait Dough for Trout Fishing?

Rigging Powerbait dough for trout fishing is a very simple process, even if you’re a beginner. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Take a small amount of dough from the jar, then roll it into a ball shape using the palms of your hands.
  • Push the ball of Powerbait halfway through your mainline right above the hook, then slowly slide it down onto the hook.
  • Make sure you’re covering the entire hook with dough without leaving any seams or cracks that might allow water in.  If too much water gets into the dough ball, it can make your bait flakier, which causes it to fall off the hook more frequently.
  • Press on the ball gently with your fingers to make sure all the seams or cracks are completely smoothed over.
  • Once the dough ball is secure on the hook, you can cast out your baited hook to areas where trout fish are known to reside. Try to keep your casts smooth and less frequent so that the bait can remain on the hook longer.

What Hook Size is Best for Trout Fishing Using PowerBait?

If you’re using bait-holder hooks or single-point hooks, it’s recommended to go for hook sizes between 8 and 12. If you’re using treble hooks, it’s recommended to go for hook sizes between 10 and 14.

Keep in mind that choosing the right hook type and size will also depend on the size of the trout fish you’re targeting.

What Kind of Gear is Best for Trout Fishing Using PowerBait?

The best fishing gear to use when fishing for trout using PowerBait is a 6-7 feet rod with medium power and fast action paired with a Baitcasting reel. This will enhance your casting accuracy and allow you to cast your PowerBait further.

When it comes to fishing lines, it’s recommended to use a monofilament line with a 6 to 10-pound line test as your main line with a fluorocarbon leader. Keep in mind that lighter lines usually work best with PowerBait as they allow the bait to float naturally.

For specific recommendations, check out my “recommended” sections at the end of the article.

Related Question

What Other Fish Species Can You Catch Using PowerBait?

PowerBait is more often used to target stocked trout and, in some cases, wild trout. However, it can also be used to catch several other fish species, such as smallmouth bass, channel catfish, panfish, bluegills, yellow perch, and bullheads.

Can You Make PowerBait Dough at Home?

You can make PowerBait dough at home using flour, water, and eggs. You’ll need ingredients to enhance its scents, such as liver oil or fish eggs. You’ll also need ingredients to make the dough visually appealing for the fish, such as food coloring and glitter. Make sure to mix all ingredients together to get the right consistency

What Do Trout Species Normally Eat?

Trout species normally eat aquatic invertebrates such as dragonfly nymphs, caddis fly nymphs, leeches, and snails, as well as smaller baitfish such as minnows or shiners. They can be targeted in weeded areas where their food is more abundant.

Outdoorskilled’s Favorite Picks for Trout Fishing

Trout can be tricky, but with the right gear, it can be a lot simpler and a lot easier. After testing dozens of rods, reels, lines, baits, and lures, here are our all-time, tried-and-tested picks for exceptional results with Trout.

The Okuma Celilo rod deserves to sweep my top spot for its 8’6″ model. If you like having extended casting (who doesn’t?), and lightweight rods with high-quality materials, this is the one that will provide your best trout fishing experience ever!

Moreover, it’s also affordable, so even if finances are tight, there’ll be no worries about being able to get yourself some new gear right away – just buy another couple of these babies before they run out!”

As for reels, the Pflueger President spinning reel is a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their fishing trip. With an affordable price and impressive features like graphite gears, this reel is the go-to option for all pro Trout Anglers.

As for lines, there’s no better option than the Berkley Vanish for Trout fishing. It’s strong, affordable, and invisible for Trout.

For bait, Scented baits do a much better job of attracting trout, and while you can make your own Scented baits, I believe everyone should at least try Powerbait’s scented baits to see how much of a difference they can make. I recommend testing out the Garlic Power Bait for Trout for yourself first.

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