ideas to how to store a kayak in an apartment

How to Store a Kayak in an Apartment? Tips You Don’t Know (Probably)

Kayaks are considered an expensive investment. They require proper storage and maintenance to make them last for a long time otherwise they will deteriorate. Unfortunately, not all kayak owners know how to store their kayaks especially if they’re living in a small space like an apartment where storing a kayak can be tricky.

So, how to store a kayak in an apartment? You can store a kayak in an apartment by hanging it on the wall of your apartment or suspending it from the ceiling using racks that are specifically designed for this. You also need to make sure not to expose it to extreme temperatures, sunlight, or moisture.

Keep reading to learn more about properly storing your kayak and the common mistakes you should avoid. You can also check my recommended budget kayaks here.

How to Store Your Kayak In An Apartment?

ideas to how to store a kayak in an apartment

Storing your kayak in an apartment will mainly depend on the type of kayak you have.

It’s very easy to store inflatable kayaks because this type of kayak is foldable. So, you can simply roll it up after using it then you can stash it in a dry and cool place.  It’s best not to keep it inflated before storing it for a long period of time as this can cause stress on the seams and valves especially if the temperatures rise and the air expands.

When it comes to a rigid, traditional kayak, it can be more of a challenge because this type of kayak is heavier and bigger. So, it can be tricky to figure out the best way to store it in your apartment without damaging it.

By following these tips on how to store a kayak in an apartment, you can protect your kayak and maintain its good shape for a longer time.

Tips for storing kayaks in apartments

Make sure it’s stored in a shaded space away from heat and moisture.

  • Exposure to sunlight will cause your kayak to get damaged as the hull material will degrade over time.
  • Moisture and heat will do the same thing, that is why you need to make sure your storage space is cool and dry.

Invest in a suspension system.

  • Try to find an elevated area to place your kayak. It’s not recommended to store the kayak on the ground because it can lead to exposing your kayak to moisture.
  • So, the best way to keep your kayak off the ground is to use a rack to store it.  You can easily purchase a rack or even construct one yourself.
  • Prevent the rack from scratching the bottom of your kayak by making sure it supports the side of the boat. This will allow you to position your kayak upside down or have the hull facing up.
  • You need to make sure not to hang your boat by its grab loops. This can cause the kayak to get bent and become deformed. The side straps can support the kayak’s body instead. You also need to evenly distribute the kayak’s weight when you hang it on the rack because the uneven weight will also cause damage to the hull.
  • Another option is suspending your kayak from your ceiling. It can be a more practical way to store the kayak away from other obstructions while also ensuring you have more floor space in your apartment.

Clean your rack before storing it.

  • Rinse your kayak well from the inside and outside with fresh water to get rid of any dirt, salt, or sand on it. Make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent moisture from building up.

How to store an inflatable kayak in an apartment?

The way to store an inflatable kayak is much simpler than a rigid one. First, you need to rinse your inflatable kayak before storing it and make sure it is completely dry. Then you need to deflate it and roll it up correctly. Finally, keep it a dry cool place to protect from damage.

Why Do You Need to Properly Store Your Kayak?

Here some of the reasons why learning how to properly store your kayak is important:

  • To protect your kayak from the elements – Elements like rain, snow, and sun can all have a negative effect on your kayak. Store your kayak properly will help prevent any damage that the weather can cause.
  • To make it last longer – The way you store your kayak can also damage it. If you don’t store it correctly it will be more prone to dents, scratching, and other kinds of damage on its sides or bottom.
  • To protect your kayak from being stolen – Proper storage in a locked area will keep your kayak safe from theft.
  • To ensure your and others safety – If your kayak is stored incorrectly when you’re hanging it from the ceiling, wall or another surface you could risk having it fall on yourself or others which can cause some serious injuries.

Additional Information You Need to Know About Storing Your Kayak

Is It OK to Store a Kayak Outside in Winter?

It is ok to store your kayak outside in winter as long as you are doing it correctly. You need to cover it with a heavy tarp and keep it away from sunlight and moisture. Make sure that no falling branches can hit it and that no snow will pile up on it. It’s also recommended to store it under a structure or to hang it off the ground to keep any animals out.

Generally, outdoor storage is not the best idea. You’ll need to be constantly on the lookout for any weather damage. So, Indoor storage is still the safest way to protect your kayak against damage and theft, that is if you have enough space.

Is It Ok to Store a Kayak Vertically?

It is ok to store your kayak on one side or vertically on one end if you do it for a day at a time. If you store vertically longer than that you will risk damaging the body of your kayak as the weight of the kayak will put more pressure on itself and may deform the end of the boat that’s resting on the ground.

Another option you have is to store your kayak horizontally. If you store it this way, you need to make sure the cockpit is facing out and the bottom of the hull is facing the wall.

Common Mistakes Of Storing Kayaks You Should Avoid   

Now that you know some tips on how to store a kayak properly, it will also be useful to know what to avoid when storing your kayak.

Here are some places and positions you need to avoid when storing your kayak whether you’re storing them indoors or outdoors:

Places To Avoid Storing Your Kayak in

  • Anywhere that can be accessed by wildlife – some small animals and pests might want to make a home in the cockpit of your kayak.
  • On the ground –  it’s very crucial to keep your kayak off the ground especially outside because it could lead to damage from the exposure to moisture or freezing temperatures.
  • Near items you frequently use at home – You wouldn’t want your kayak getting in your way whether you have it suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall.
  • In areas that are well-traveled – Places you or others walk by often aren’t the best storage option for your kayak because it can be unsafe for passersby or simply be an inconvenience.

Positions To Avoid Storing Your Kayak in

  • With tight straps – If you’re securing your kayak to the roof of your car using tight straps for a long time it can create pressure points that can deform your kayak.
  • Cockpit-side up – If you place your kayak on storage bars in this position, it can lead to creating dents on the bottom.
  • On its side – If you’re storing a kayak on storage bars you need to consider which way you will orient it. If you rest it on its side, you will risk denting the side that’s laying on the bars.
  • Hanging by the handles – If you’re hanging your kayak by the handles on the front and back, you’ll be putting more stress on the ends which will cause it to deform and bend.
  • On a wheeled cart – It’s recommended to only use wheeled carts when you’re transporting your kayak. Storing the kayak on a wheeled cart could put more pressure on the opposite end of your kayak. It can also be unsafe because the kayak might roll into someone or something.

Related Questions

How to Store Your Kayak Paddles?

You can store your kayak paddles similar to how you would store your kayaks. It’s recommended to keep them indoors and away from extreme temperature, sunlight, and moisture. It’s also recommended to construct a separate rack for your paddles.

Is It Ok to Store Kayaks on Top of Each Other?

No, stacking kayaks on top of each other is not recommended. Having the weight of several kayaks placed on top of each other. To stack your kayaks, you would have to store them on their hull can be very bad for them. It’s more recommended to store them separately using a rack with more than one storage space.

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