Do Catfish Like Peanut Butter? [Tested it Myself]

Peanut butter has so many weird (and wonderful) uses. Some people use it to clean leather or deodorize their homes, while others use it as shaving cream, but can you use it as bait?

Do catfish like peanut butter? Catfish do like peanut butter; among anglers, catfishermen are known for using weird baits. Experienced anglers recommend using peanut butter sandwiches with stale bread or gussied with bird seeds or even garlic for catfish. 

Are you curious about more weird baits and how to use peanut butter sandwiches to catch catfish? Continue reading.

Do Catfish Like Peanut Butter?

peanut butter sandwiches to answer do catfish like peanut butter

When it comes to catching catfish, many anglers have their secret homemade bait that sometimes contains weird components such as oats, hotdogs, cheese, chicken liver, spam, etc. 

This seems interesting, especially since you have control of the bait ingredients with the homemade, and you can create your bait.

While some anglers say these homemade baits are ineffective and you won’t catch any catfish with them, many others proved their effectiveness. 

To finally find the truth, I have indeed tested Peanut butter Sandwiches as catfish baits, and they actually do work. 

It just goes to show how creative anglers can be and why you should, sometimes at least, listen to those with experience, even if what they’re saying seems weird to you.  

How to use Peanut butter sandwiches to catch catfish?

There are many ways to use peanut butter. 

It would be best to make the peanut butter sandwiches to hook them more easily. Also, you may need some other ingredients to be sure that your homemade bait is effective. 

Catfish are known as night hunters, so their limited sight sense won’t enable them to catch food, so they use their whiskers to detect food. Once you make a bait that smells and tastes like good food, catfish will easily detect them.

Peanut butter bait ingredient:

  • Slices of white bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Beef bouillon cubes
  • Slices of lunch meat
  • Crackers 
  • Garlic salt and onion salt

Use peanut butter as the base of your bait. 

First, melt it until it becomes liquid, next dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water, then mix the ingredients till smooth and leave it to cool before finally rolling the mix into small balls.

6 Other surprising baits for catfish 

Experienced anglers have some excellent recommendations for weird baits that will bring surprising results, here are the best 6 I’ve tested out with excellent results:

Cows blood

Catfish are attracted to dead or alive food, so a blood smell will definitely grab them to your hook. 

Cows’ blood has a strong scent that catfish whiskers will recognize as food smell. This bait will work better in night fishing.

Spoiled shrimp

When your shrimp goes bad, this doesn’t mean you have to throw it. 

Instead, you can keep it for your next fishing trip or ask the grocery stores in your neighborhood to give you the spoiled shrimp (make sure to tell them that these shrimp are for fishing). 

You can learn how to use shrimp as bait for Pike here. 

French fries

This bait works better near the waterfront fast-food restaurants, where the fish have adapted to seek fries. 

Anglers who use this bait swear that the additional oil and seductive aroma attract even the laziest catfish in the french fries.

Canned Dog Food

Angler swears with this bait effect with channel catfish. 

You can use two types of canned dog food: chunk dog food, which is ready to put on your hook, and non-chunk food, which requires adding cheesecloth or onion bag to secure your bait.

Experienced anglers advise dropping punctured dog food cans around your fishing spot to attract the fish to your fishing area.

Chicken skin with garlic

If you like fishing small catfish, this homemade bait is the best for you. 

It will work better in warm water because it helps the skin release oils that attract catfish.

Method to make this bait:

  • To enhance the flavor of chicken skin, soak it overnight in garlic or chicken livers. 
  • Wrapping portions of chicken livers with chicken skin is another option. 
  • Before using the skins as bait, warm them in the microwave to extract the oils, which will leave a fragrance trail.

You can learn about more ways to use garlic as bait here 


Spam has a lot of oils that attract catfish, and many anglers believe that spam missed its targeted audience and marketing niche. 

In 2001, two experienced anglers set a world record using spam as bait to catch one hundred sixteen pounds, twelve-ounce blue catfish in the Mississippi River.

WD-40, Preparation H, and hot dogs

Anglers who use this bait assume that this product contains fish oils, which is why catfish are attracted to this bait.

Due to a company’s environmental attitude, the creators of WD-40 assert that the product does not include fish oil, nor do they recommend using it for fishing. 

On the other hand, Preparation H has 3% shark liver oil in it.

Many anglers see this bait as ineffective with catfish, and fishermen who use it and catch catfish are just lucky.

What other fish can you catch with peanut butter? 

Peanut butter is a high-protein food full of flavors, which will undoubtedly attract hungry fish, and it works great for catching codfish, catfish, carp, and bluegill. 

If you want to create your homemade bait using peanut butter, keep adding a scent that attracts fish like salt, anise, and garlic. 

Many anglers say that Peanut butter is excellent for baiting minnow and perch traps, and it sticks to the wire, so less waste.

Wrap up 

Catfish do like peanut butter, and it works well as bait, but it requires some work to become a good bait, add some attractive scents like blood for giant catfish or garlic, anise, and salt if you are fishing in saltwater.

If you finished your bait, but you want to continue fishing, these are some alternatives to use such as cows’ blood, french fries, spam, chicken skin with garlic or chicken liver, and spoiled shrimp that attract fish that eat dead food.

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