Can You Use Live Bait At Branched Oak? What You Must Know

The branched oak lake is one of the most precious fisheries in the world due to the variety of fish species found in it. It attracts lots of anglers who are seeking fish like Walleye, Wipers, Large Mount Bass, and Bluegills. But, like most fisheries within the states, it may have some regulations regarding bait and techniques of fishing. So does Branched Oak have regulations against using live bait that you need to worry about?

Can you use live bait at branched oak? Yes, you can use live bait at Branched Oak with restrictions to consider. It’s illegal to import live baitfish from out of state for use in inland waters. Live bait may be used only in the body of water from which they were captured.

Wanna be familiar with Nebraska fishing regulations before spending your next vacation there? Read on to know all about it.

Can You Use Live Bait At Branched Oak? 

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Branched Oak represents a premier destination for many anglers, which made the Nebraska government pay attention to it with fishing regulations to protect different fish species there. Since using live bait is very popular among anglers, they wonder if they could use it in Branched Oak to get their favorite fish on the hook.

Using live bait isn’t illegal at Branched Oak, however, in some cases it can be. First of all, Baitfish, listed amphibians, and crayfish may not be sold unless you have a permit. For commercial purposes (bait dealers, private aquaculturists, and nonresident fish dealers), refer to the regulations supplied with your permit.

Some regulations are applied to bait obtained for personal use as well, the use of baitfish seined by anglers from these rivers and streams may only be used at the body of water from which they were captured, not to transfer invasive species including fish diseases. 

Note: the bag and possession limit of baitfish and listed amphibians for personal use is 100.

It’s illegal to use live carp, carpsucker, buffalo, quillback, gar, gizzard shad, or alewife. Special permits are required for a person to import and sell bait or baitfish. By the way, you can learn how to catch live bait for fishing muskies here.

Branched Oak’s Special Regulations 

Here are some Branched Oak’s regulations that you should be familiar with before you go fishing there the next time:

  • Anglers are limited to no more than two lines, with a maximum of two hooks on each line, with these being any type of attached line (such as rod and reel or fishing pole) on all lakes, ponds or reservoirs or in their inlets, outlets, and canals within one-half mile of these bodies of water, with the exception of ice-fishing line limits.
  • Snagging of paddlefish and nongame fish is not allowed for all species at all times. It’s permitted only in the Missouri River. All fish snagged accidentally or otherwise foul-hooked, must be returned to the water immediately.
  • all bank lines and set lines must be removed once you’re done fishing. 
  • Striped bass, white bass, wiper, flathead catfish are only allowed for catch-and-release.
  • It’s illegal to catch fish by hand.
  • It’s illegal to leave dead fish in the lake.
  • It’s illegal to transport any fish or baitfish in water from any stream, river, pond, or lake.

Once you decide the fish species you’re going after, you must check the specific regulation regarding these species such as length limit, daily bag limits, and possession limits.

Note: You have to purchase a Nebraska fishing license or permit online for an annual or lifetime before fishing in branched oak. Additionally, a person who is 16 years of age and older needs a sport fishing license. 

Best Fish to catch at Branched Oak 

Branched Oak lake has a variety of fish species with healthy populations. So the next time you hit the boat in Nebraska, make sure to choose some of the best fish you can catch at the Branched Oak lake from this list:

1. Channel catfish 

Branched Oak is one of the best destinations for anglers looking for a channel catfish. Branched Oak Lake contains three species of catfish – Flatheads, Blue, and Channel catfish. The lake produces many Channel cats in the 3-8 lb. (1-to-3.5 KG) range and can be caught with worms.

2. Crappie 

Crappie fishing attracts many anglers to Branched Oak Lake as the spring spawn concentrates fish in the shallow water near the rock jetties and brush-piles along the shore. During the summer months, they can be found suspended over deep water structures throughout the main body of the lake. Minnows, worms, insects do a great job in catching muskies’ attention.

3. Wipers 

The wiper population in Branched Oak has made a rebound in recent years, no wonder it happened after the state regulation of catch-and-release. Crankbaits, jigs, spoons, or spinners can work best to get some on the hook.

4. Largemouth bass

Branched Oak represents a premium habitat for largemouth bass since it prefers clear, vegetated lakes. Keep Spinnerbaits and Buzz baits with you on your next trip to branched oak and hope for the best.

5. Walleye

Branched Oak may not be a place where you will catch huge numbers of Walleyes, however, it’s definitely a guaranteed spot where you can catch trophy walleyes. Crankbaits and Soft Plastics are the best lures for walleye in the Branched Oak Lake.

6. Bluegill

Bluegill can be found in Branched Oak which makes it a great opportunity for anglers who like to use it as live bait since the state bans using live bait that’s imported. Spinnerbaits will help you catch some of them. Did you know that you can use bluegill to catch muskies? You can learn more about using bluegill for Muskie fishing here.

There are a lot more species of fish in Branched Oak Lake you can check them out in Branched Oak Lake SRA NE Map in addition to some amazing features like forecasts, hot spots, and updated reports.

Before you go fishing, I highly advise checking out my recommendations for tried and tested braided fishing lines here.

Related Questions 

What Kind of Fish are at Branched Oak? 

Branched Oak is popular for its crappie and catfish (three species: Flatheads, Blue, and Channel catfish). A variety of fish species are found there, like Walleye, Wipers, White Carp, Large Mount Bass, and Blue Gills.

Is it Okay to Swim in Branched Oak? 

Yes, it is okay to swim in Branched Oak. visitors can enjoy two beaches at Branched Oak Lake, which are Liebers Point and north shore, with roped-off swimming areas. However, there are no lifeguards in these spots so people may swim at their own risk. 

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