The 10 Best Places to Ice Fish in the U.S.A

The 10 Best Places to Ice Fish in the U.S.A

Ice fishing is truly something else when you do it somewhere where the conditions are just right; from the weather to the view to the fish itself, some places are just amazing to fish in.

I’ve always loved exploring places where I can go fishing that I can actually recommend to my friends and colleagues while knowing that these places are always going to be amazing when these people actually follow my advice and go there.

So, after years of testing and exploring, here are the absolute 10 best places to Ice fish in the USA:

  1. Lake of the Woods, Minnesota
  2. Silver Lake, California
  3. Devil’s Lake, North Dakota
  4. Lake Complain, Vermont
  5. Lake Simcoe, Ontario
  6. Lake Washington, Minnesota
  7. Strawberry Reservoir, Utah
  8. Birch Lake, Alaska
  9. Antero Reserve, Colorado
  10. Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana

Let’s quickly go over each of these spots and see what truly makes them such great spots to go ice fishing. Starting with….

1. Lake of the Woods, Minnesota “ Walleye Capital of the World”

Lake of the woods in Minnesota as one of the best places to ice fish in the USA

One of the best spots to go ice fishing that comes with an unforgettable experience is located on the US Canada border and you can find many resorts in the area.

The lake of the woods has plenty of fish types like Small and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Sturgeon, Muskie, Sauger, Rock Bass, Crappie, and of course Walleye. And the nature around you is the best part of the place. Relaxing and breathtaking.

2. Silver Lake, California

The silver lake in California is one of the best places you can go to for ice fishing. The reason why this lake is different and special is that it has plenty of large fish. Some anglers even could catch a mackinaw trout which weighed over 12 pounds and more than 30 inches in height.

Many rare fish species could be found there as well such as brook out and cutthroat. Unfortunately, though the lake is not easy to access as the surrounding area is not completely developed.

3. Devil’s Lake, North Dakota

One of the largest places in North Dakota for ice fishing, it has plenty of perch, and walleye as well. Some of the cool spots you do not want to miss in that place are the Minnewaukan Flats, Cactus Point, and Rocky Point. Guides there provide packages for ice fishing starting from 150$ per day.

4. Lake Champlain, Vermont

Lake Champlain is the best ice fishing location in Vermont. The reason why is because you will always find an exciting experience along the 120-mile long lake that even reaches Canada and New York. You can expect to go home with a big catch and a great memory of this place. You may also catch the Northern Pike, Perch, Walleye, and Bluegill. 

You will find great hospitality, not just a good catch and a good adventure, but also nice places to rent and to stay, you can also go to a cab with a wood stove, when you need to stave off the winter chill. You can go fishing in the lake all year but you can go ice fishing all the way up through the middle of March.

5. Lake Simcoe Ontario 

It is a lake in Southern Ontario, it is located between Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario 40 miles North of a city called Toronto. Also, this is a hot spot for fishing and you can always expect to see Canadian fishing championships taking place there. Which tells us a lot about the fish quality there!

The downside is that it is very busy throughout the year but mainly from January onwards. You can also enjoy the ice huts in this lake while you are there. 

Most of the huts are registered with the Midhurst district office of the MNR or the Aurora. Most of these huts are available for rent from the ice huts operators located around the lake on a daily basis.

6. Lake Washington, Minnesota 

Lake Washington is one of the greatest spots for fishermen and it’s also the main fishing spot for people who live in Minnesota. When it comes to fishing in this area, you’ll find a lot of species such as yellow perch, black bullhead, big bass, and bigmouth buffalo. One of the largest depths spotted in the lake is 50 feet and just under 1500 acres.

A once in a lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. If you can go ice fishing in lake Washington, you are definitely in luck!

7. Strawberry Reservoir, Utah

We’re talking about paradise for fishermen! The lake is surrounded by mountains with a chance to go camping and fishing there at the same time as well as enjoying the beauty of nature while exploring new fish species. It is located about 25 miles away from Heber City. 

Utah allows ice fishing starting January till March with easy access. You can expect to catch species like trout and cutthroat.

8. Birch Lake, Alaska 

It is the perfect location as you get to enjoy a nice trip with your family and introduce them safely to the joy of ice fishing. This lake is referred to as the Big Three. It is also well known for having plenty of fish to catch such as coho salmon and rainbow trout.

9. Antero reserve, Colorado 

If you are looking to catch shrimp and rainbow trout, this is a perfect spot for freshwater across the scenery of the mountains and ski slopes, overlooked by a beautiful relaxing view of nature.

As well as wild frosty conditions to add spice to your winter fishing journey, it’s about 100 miles away from Denver and many other species can be found in this spot too.

10. Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana

This reservoir is perfect for those who enjoy having a private fishing experience as you can get away from all the other anglers enjoying their winter season. The downside is that the shortest trip to the reservoir takes nearly one day! 

Even though it might take too long to get to the reservoir it is definitely worth it as it has plenty of fish species like trout, northern pike, sauger, colorful pike and walleye.

with unusual shapes and long bays 1500 miles of shoreline with a depth of 200 feet at maximum water level and a range of 130 miles, and it’s one of the biggest man-made lakes in Europe.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to always pack an extra layer of clothes just in case it got too cold as this could ruin your entire trip. As well, remember to bring a phone with you in case of any emergency. Ice fishing will be the most fulfilling and enjoyable experience you will ever have!

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