Are There Muskies in Colorado? 4 Awesome Muskie Fishing Spots

Colorado is famous for its population of various species of fish that make the local water bodies an amazing combination of underwater wildlife. Anglers hit Colorado waters all year to fish for their favorite species and catch trophy fish, but what about muskie hard-core anglers? Do they have the same chance to find their favorite?

Are there muskies in colorado? Yes, there are muskies in Colorado even though it’s a non-native fish. Tiger Muskie is found in different spots across the state. However, the population number is very low despite the regular stocking.

Follow this guide to know more about muskie fishing in Colorful Colorado.

Are There Muskies in Colorado? 

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Even though Muskie is a non-native fish in Colorado, the DNR gives due care to stocking them in local water bodies for various reasons. The most important reason is that the state uses them to get rid of the overpopulation of unwanted species like carp and suckers which Muskies feed heavily on. That means the number of Muskies in Colorado lakes is very limited, but your chances are not when you choose the right spot, time and gear.

Tiger Muskies, which is a hybrid between northern pike and muskellunge, are very popular in Colorado waters as well. Anglers all around the world go after Tiger Muskies for the challenge they offer. These beautiful rare nature “mistakes” don’t get out without a fight, and anglers consider getting them on the hook is a great victory worth celebrating.

Where to Find Muskies in Colorado 

So where can you fish for Muskies in Colorado? These are 4 awesome spots that you can fish in for Muskies in Colorado: 

1. Lower Big Creek Lake

Lower Big Creek Lake is considered the best trophy Muskie, especially Tiger Muskies, a fishery in Colorado according to many anglers fishing there. Many trophy Muskies were recorded, one of them is 45 pounds, which is even surprising to find in their native waters, let alone Colorado. The lake is rich in weeds which is the primary habitat of Muskies, you’ll find no difficulty locating Muskies there.

By the way, you can learn how to catch muskies in any creek here, it’s a full guide with everything you need to know.

2. Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake is one of the Colorado lakes that have big Muskies roaming around in shallow waters waiting to be caught. The state recorded a 40 inches (1 meter) Tiger Muskie caught by a little boy on a boat. Believe me, you can do it too.

3. The Gross Reservoir

The Gross Reservoir population of Muskies is high due to how the state stock them to control undesirable species, so a trip to Gross Reservoir is a good idea that won’t end up frustrating after all.

4. Pinewood Reservoir

Pinewood Reservoir is a good spot for catching Muskies as well, it’s a more difficult spot than other places mentioned above, it still has a chance that you don’t want to miss.

Best Times for Muskie Fishing in Colorado 

According to Colorado weather, the best time to catch Muskies is in the late summer months, late August and September is the ideal time to try and fish for Muskies in Colorado, as they are usually stocked during this time of the year. 

Fishing for Muskies in late summer means searching in shallow waters, once the water reaches lower temperatures Muskies return to the top of bars, drop-offs near the weed line in the depth of 7-to-9 feet (2.5 meters), near rocky areas in the depth of 3-to-8 feet (1-to-2.5 meters), or weed lines where they heavily feed on baitfish schools there or seek shade from the sunlight. 

The best time of the day to target them is around dawn and dusk during the warmer months and around mid-afternoon during the winter. You may also try night fishing when the water temperature is suitable for Muskies to stay longer in the shallow water. Night fishing is also a good chance to catch muskies as they find it hard to see your boat so they’re not easily spooked. Make sure to use a highly visible lure to catch their attention in dark waters.

What to Use to Catch Muskie in Colorado

After identifying the best spots and prime times for Muskie fishing in Colorado, you need to double your chances by choosing the right gear for those monsters. So what can you use to catch a Muskie? To catch a Muskies you need:

  1. Sonar unit to spot fish.
  2. 8-to-6 feet (2.5-to-1.8 meters) medium-heavy fast action rod.
  3. Good quality 6-to-8 gear ratio reel. 
  4. A 100-pound-test (45 KG) braided line and a 150-200-pound-test (68-to-90 KG) fluorocarbon leader.
  5. Highly visible lures.
  6. A musky net.

You can find the best Muskie reels here. These are the reels I use myself, and they have always brought me awesome results, and I believe you can also get trophy muskies with them.

Speed is also a very important key to maximize your chances of catching muskies in Colorado waters, so make sure to retrieve fast enough to entice Muskies to catch your bait. The medium-heavy fast action rod and the 6-to-8 gear ratio reel will allow you to be fast and in control. 

The best musky lure during this time of the year is bucktails. Bucktails with attractive colors entice Muskies to catch. Since you’ll be fishing in the summer, go for more unnatural colors. Muskies tend to hit brighter and unnatural colors during this time of the year. Fire Tiger, Red, and Chartreuse are your best options.

The ability to add blades that shine in the sun to your bucktail helps you to get more attention from trophy muskies. Bucktails are fast, easy-to-use, and effective in catching Muskies. Topwater lures are a good alternative as well since you’ll be targeting shallow waters.

Pro-tip: Use the Figure 8 technique of drawing the figure in the water to gain more time to catch them before you take your lure out. For a quick tutorial of the Figure 8 technique watch this video.

A musky net is a must when going after Muskies, these game fish love to fight their way out of a lure. Musky net provides great control and ensures both the fish safety and yours as well. It’s advisable to put the caught Muskie in the net and keep it under the water during the measurement process not to stress it out, especially in warm weather circumstances. You can check out this quality muskie net on Amazon.

Related Questions 

Are Muskies Rare in Colorado? 

Yes, Muskies are rare in Colorado as they are non-native fish and only exist there because of state stocking. The state of Colorado stocks Muskies in a few lakes to get rid of unwanted species like suckers when the lake gets overpopulated with them.

Are there tiger Muskies in Colorado? 

Yes, Tiger Muskies are found in Colorado in many spots like Lower Big Creek Lake and Evergreen Lake. Tiger Muskies are stocked in a few lakes in Colorado by the state, according to DNR recent reports. However, their number is currently dropping. 

Do Tiger Muskies Bite Humans? 

Yes, Tiger Muskies bite humans, and they do it with their sharp set of teeth. However, it happens very rarely and due to other reasons than prey. Tiger Muskies like to hunt all the time, if they attack a person, which is very rare, it’s because they mistook it for something they can eat.

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